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PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’ Weekly Roundup: NRLA acquires Safe2 | Five ways to secure your first home | Zoopla & Alto partners with Ventrica

NRLA acquires James Kent’s Safe2

Apologies James, I definitely owe you a pizza for my tardiness in getting this good news story out there. For anyone who has not heard in these difficult times, that great businesses still get to the winning post, here is your case study. Founder of Safe2 James Kent at a very tender age has managed to get from MVP to exit. Well he still will be very much be welded to that driving seat, and with the added help of Ben Beadle CEO of NARLA and the supporting team no doubt will be scaling things up at speed.

Set out below is the official NARLA press release, and I am sure that everyone who knows both Ben & James will see that this a strategic tie up that is a true win for both.

PRESS RELEASE – London September 2023.

‘Private landlords will find it easier to ensure rental properties meet all required standards thanks to investment in new services by the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA). The NRLA has purchased Safe2, a provider of all forms of property safety certification. It provides landlords with a single service to ensure gas, electrical safety and energy performance certificates are up to date. 

When a safety check determines that a property has not met legal minimum standards, Safe2 can provide a quote for whatever remedial work might need to be undertaken to address any outstanding issues. Where they rectify the problem, they will re-test the relevant system free of charge. Aside from these benefits, NRLA members will also be entitled to a five per cent discount when using any of Safe2’s services.

Five ways to secure your first home

With rent prices skyrocketing to the highest rates seen in a decade, it’s no surprise that many around the country will be crunching the numbers to find out whether they can afford to buy their own home. Buying a home has clear fiscal benefits – Halifax’s latest Owning vs Renting review found out that homeowners are on average £500 better off annually than renters.

For many young homeowners, setting foot on the ladder can be a daunting task. Navigating the housing market for the first time, saving for a deposit and securing a mortgage can all feel overwhelming, but with the right advice, it can pay dividends.

Tzana Webster, Director of Property Sales at WatermansEdinburgh property valuation experts, explores the different options available to first-time buyers to take some of the pressure off when securing your first home. border. 

100% Mortgages One recent development taking the market by storm is the arrival of the no deposit mortgage. This allows buyers to put pen-to-paper without having to save for years provided they meet the following criteria:

Zoopla and Alto partners with Ventrica improving customer support

Following the launch in May of a strategic partnership with Ventrica – an award-winning, omnichannel customer service and support expert – to transform its customer support function, Zoopla today reveals that 100% of their outstanding customer support tickets have been resolved in the last 90 days.

Maximising Ventrica’s world-class systems, technology, and expertise, the partnership has reduced call abandonment by 75% and increased tickets resolved within five hours by 50% benefiting a wide range of software customers (Alto, Jupix, CFP Winman), agents, and housebuilders, as well as consumers who are looking for their next home. With clear progress made on key metrics in the last three months, the partnership remains laser-focused on delivering added benefits to all software and Zoopla customers by the end of 2023.

This includes: Sharing customer-centric KPIs with all customers next month (October) focused on improved response times and satisfaction to ensure it remains a high priority. Maintaining a zero backlog of customer support tickets, leading to faster resolution times for all customers.

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