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PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property’: Proptech Firm Unveils Revolutionary New Platform nurturingAI

Free to list property portals Commercial People and Residential People have announced the December launch of nurturingAI, their upcoming machine learning platform to help estate agents make more profit and grow their market share.

The proptech firms’ nurturingAI platform has been co-developed with agents over the last two years. It aims to offer agents who use the service more marketing power and influence over their chosen area, while at the same time promoting an agent’s own website, helping them to compete with property portals head-to-head and take back control.

Co-founder and Director of Residential People, Christopher May, believes that the new platform will be revolutionary. He said: “We wanted nurturingAI to be an agent’s dream marketing tool and, as such, we’ve dedicated years of research and feedback from those in the industry to create a product that we truly believe will be revolutionary to the property sector.”

As the name suggests, nurturingAI intends to nurture consumer data and lead enquiries that agents receive via their own websites and property portals, such as Rightmove and Zoopla, moving them into the realm of omnichannel marketing and making it easier for a time-starved agent to run digital marketing campaigns and attract new instructions.

Agents will be able to run ingenious marketing campaigns in the population of their local postcode and stand out amongst their competitors. The system will also leadscore potential customers over time so that agents can prioritise consumers that are serious and turn a general enquiry into a winning instruction.

Built into the AI platform is an impressive array of audience segmentation tools that allow agents to target and speak with a particular subset of clients accurately.

Instead of merely relying on a one-size-fits-all approach, the nurturingAI platform will allow an agent to customise and target their marketing campaigns for landlords, renters, buyers or sellers, ensuring that the right conversations are being had with the correct people. And it is easy to use.

May adds: “Typically, these types of marketing platforms are aimed at mid to large eCommerce companies that can spend hundreds of thousands to use these platforms. 

“After looking at the property industry for quite some time, as well as in the current work from home directive by the government, we feel that the time has well and truly come for agents to embrace the power of the internet. 

“To help us distribute the platform we are also in talks with some leading Industry tech suppliers and we are looking at doing some fantastic collaborations which will be announced in the next coming months. 

“With nurturingAI, we have levelled the playing field, making it easier than ever for a local, independent agent to rub shoulders with real estate giants. By using the powerful and more efficient omnichannel marketing approach that traditionally has only been adopted by the largest firms, smaller agencies are able to realistically compete for audience attention across all-relevant digital channels.”

The smart platform of nurutingAI offers a full range of channels for agents to utilise in the pursuit of marketing their listings, including SMS and WhatsApp messaging, email marketing, social media, web and mobile pushes, plus plenty more besides, and will allow agents to accurately target the right message at the right time across all these channels.

nurturingAI launches this December. For more information, visit 

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