Proptech & Property News in Brief: Inventory Hive, TDS, Propertymark (27/09)

In today's news, Andrew Stanton discusses Inventory Hive and TDS's latest features, and Mark…

Valuing opportunities in real estate valuation analysis

During his time as a recruitment consultant, Ed O’Hanrahan, Sales Manager at Forbury, heard…

Weekly Property News Roundup: Michael Gove, SDLT, NRLA, Housing Market (24/09)

A roundup of the week's top property and proptech news stories in partnership with Estate…

Proptech & Property News in Brief: The Winter Housing Market, Moneyfacts & Grenfell Inquiry (23/09)

In today's news, Andrew Stanton discusses the winter housing market and the Grenfell…

Proptech & Property News in Brief: NRLA, Agents Working from Home, Strike (22/09)

In today's news, Andrew Stanton discusses the NRLA's calls to back a hardship loan, the…

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