We’re all about the three I’s, informing and educating the masses, being the catalyst for innovation and cultivating and growing industry leaders

Our Mission

Keeps you up to date, defines problems, provides solutions. No jargon, no noise, no-brainer.

Proptech-X seeks to inform and educate, acting as a catalyst for digital innovation while cultivating influential leaders and proptech champions.

For Property Professionals

For anyone looking to learn more about digital transformation in the property sector, our publication is a platform that informs you of the latest in industry innovations and connects you to the right people.

For Proptechs

For startups and corporates in proptech who are looking to raise awareness of their solution or to find customers, our publication puts you right in front of your target audience, saving you thousands in marketing and lead generation costs.

Get to Know Us

The Founding Team

Andrew Stanton is the founder of Proptech-PR and Proptech-X. He grows proptech companies using his influence from decades of industry experience and is a consultant to some of the biggest names in global real estate, advising on sales and acquisitions, market positioning, and operations.
Matt Hughes is the co-founder of Proptech-X. In 2014, he founded a marketing agency and grew it to an award-winning company working with the likes of HP, Intel and more, before launching the acclaimed tech publication, Top Business Tech.
Ben started out in design, publishing, and media, later moving into freelance writing and journalism. He established and scaled a London-based tech publication before joining Proptech-X as the managing editor.

Our Partners