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PROPTECH-X : News Roundup – InventoryBase Academy Win | Made Snappy 360 Analysis I Ascendix on AI data entry

InventoryBase Academy partners with Belvoir Group

InventoryBase, the UK’s leading provider of property inventory and reporting software, is thrilled to announce a landmark partnership with Belvoir Group, one of the UK’s largest estate & lettings agency chains and property franchises.

As part of this new collaboration, Inventory Base Academy has been appointed as Belvoir’s recommended inventory training provider for over 180 offices nationwide, signifying a huge step forward in enhancing inventory reporting management standards across the property industry. (Picture Steve Rad CEO InventoryBase). 

InventoryBase Academy will deliver Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified courses on inventory management, industry knowledge and professional skills, supporting and empowering Belvoir’s franchisees and an extensive network of passionate, local property experts.

Designed to cater to property professionals of all levels, the courses will provide a comprehensive, supportive and accessible learning experience to every Belvoir professional, further developing the high standards of expertise that Belvoir Group is known for across the country.

The courses cover a range of topics, including best practices in property inventory management and reporting, legal compliance, and the effective use of Inventory Base’s award-winning software.

With decades of experience earned from founding a successful inventory management company and as an active voice in the industry championing the highest possible standards, the training will be led by Sián Hemming-Metcalfe, Operations Director of Inventory Base.

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Made Snappy 360 says 61% of letting agents omit property measurements from their listings – which NTSELAT now requires 

Letting agents across the UK are proactively responding to an update from the National Trading Standards in Estate & Letting Agency (NTSELAT) regarding recommended “material information” in property listings. This update, covering 27 crucial pieces of information, including room measurements, diverges from current industry practices for many lettings operations.

NTSELAT’s Material Information Update:   The NTSELAT document, “Material Information in Property Listings (Lettings) v1.0,” emphasises the importance of including detailed room measurements in lettings listings. NTSELAT defines “material information” as data that significantly impacts a tenant’s enjoyment of the property.

Industry Response:   Kevin Hall, Director of Martin & Co in Ashford, has taken proactive steps by making measured floor plans standard in both new and re-let stock. He underscores the importance of staying ahead of regulatory changes, stating,

“I think it’s important to get ahead of the curve when it comes to regulation. It only takes me ten minutes to produce a measured floor plan through my provider Made Snappy 360 as I don’t need to measure or sketch anything, and I pass the cost onto my landlords.”

Angi Cooney, Director of C Residential in Rugeley, echoes this sentiment, leveraging innovative floor plan technology to provide accurate room dimensions quickly.

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Ascendix an Expert in AI Data Entry Automation

This month Ascendix tackles a large pain point for many SME’s and larger organisations who are grappling with the best way forward to input all of that data, which is the new oil of the technology age. The following thought leadership was provided by Ascendix’s Yana Yarotska

‘Unlike AI data entry, manual data entry is a traditional way of inputting information into computer systems like databases. Manual data entry involves an employee – a data entry operator, who reads the information from physical documents and then types it into digital forms, spreadsheets, CRMs, or databases. The manually entered data is sorted, and organized, and stored on servers, hard drives, or cloud platforms.

Making the correct choice between manual data entry and automated or AI data entry is crucial for businesses, significantly impacting operational efficiency and data management processes in the future.

Save Time on Data Input into CRM with AI Data Entry Automation   AI data entry software in contrast is the future for businesses managing extensive datasets in CRM systems. As AI data entry automation tools not only extract data from documents but also  autonomously insert it into the CRM, saving countless hours of manual data entry.

AI data entry systems accurately interpret and extract pertinent information from diverse documents like contracts, invoices, and forms. The data extracted may include customer details, transaction records, product information, and more. Data entry automation streamlines the entire data input process, eliminating human intervention, reducing  errors and speeding up  the time data is processed and updated in the CRM.

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