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PROPTECH-X : Proptech tlyfe CEO Adam Pigott raising funds for Ugandan children’s charity

tlyfe CEO Adam Pigott appeals for funds to help  Ugandan children’s charity Shines UK 

Most people will know Adam Pigott (Pictured below) as the smiling CEO from tlyfe, the App that powers and enfranchises tenants looking to rent property, perhaps what many people are unaware of is that my dear friend also is looking out for the interests of children across the world who could with some financial help right now. 

And I hope that he will not mind if I share the fact that Adam started a charity back in 2019 after living with the most impoverished village you can imagine in West Uganda. Coming across a village in 2017 called Miirya, he saw the fact that they had nothing; no water other than what collected in a muddy hole 11kms away. With unacceptable child mortality deaths, most lacked clothing, most had no shoes, lack of food, zero education, zero support BUT they did have bucket loads of nothing – well it changed Adam’s world view.

So thanks to an amazing man called kiirya Denis out in Uganda, and Adam’s very supportive wife Katie and the legal brains and full throttle approach and the kind hearts of Caroline Graham and Randall Perrey, Shines UK (UK registered charity) was born.

Now, five years on they have clean water; healthcare, two acres of farmland to plant, reap and sell; a community, and now a much envied school teaching circa 200 kids up to Primary 7. Their lives have been turned around. This has all been achieved by incredible support from so many people here in the UK letting industry. The trustees support the salaries and admin costs of running the charity but we are short of funds to support the education right now.

At £195 per year (£16.25p paid monthly) allows you to sponsor the education of a specific child whose picture, name and regular hand written letters and artwork will be sent to you personally every few months has proved very popular but equally, I am making a rare ask for some cash.

So in the words of Adam, ‘We are desperately short of funds and need some help, however big or small. The plan is to get to sustainability soon but we have a cash flow issue (don’t we all)…. we need some help! So, yes I am asking any of my network to make a small donation. Any amount is wonderful’.

To donate use this LINK which is a justgiving page on the official website. 



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