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PROPTECH-X : Proptech Ascendix solves the problem of AI data entry automation

Ascendix an Expert in AI Data Entry Automation

This month Ascendix tackles a large pain point for many SME’s and larger organisations who are grappling with the best way forward to input all of that data, which is the new oil of the technology age. The following thought leadership was provided by Ascendix’s Yana Yarotska

‘Unlike AI data entry, manual data entry is a traditional way of inputting information into computer systems like databases. Manual data entry involves an employee – a data entry operator, who reads the information from physical documents and then types it into digital forms, spreadsheets, CRMs, or databases. The manually entered data is sorted, and organized, and stored on servers, hard drives, or cloud platforms.

Making the correct choice between manual data entry and automated or AI data entry is crucial for businesses, significantly impacting operational efficiency and data management processes in the future.

Save Time on Data Input into CRM with AI Data Entry Automation   AI data entry software in contrast is the future for businesses managing extensive datasets in CRM systems. As AI data entry automation tools not only extract data from documents but also  autonomously insert it into the CRM, saving countless hours of manual data entry.

AI data entry systems accurately interpret and extract pertinent information from diverse documents like contracts, invoices, and forms. The data extracted may include customer details, transaction records, product information, and more. Data entry automation streamlines the entire data input process, eliminating human intervention, reducing  errors and speeding up  the time data is processed and updated in the CRM.

Automated data entry systems validates and standardize the extracted data against predefined criteria, ensuring accuracy, readability, and convenience in handling the data. The integration with CRM enables real-time updates, keeping customer profiles, sales records, and other vital information current and consistent. This scalability and efficiency make AI data entry solutions  improve productivity, and enhance decision-making.

Why Implement a Custom AI Data Entry Tool?   Four good reasons; Cost-effectiveness, Scalability, Competitive advantage, and Innovation opportunities, make it a strategic investment for businesses.

It is tailored to the types of documents in a business. If your company deals with specialized or unique data sources that require specific data extraction and processing techniques, a custom automated data entry tool can be designed to handle this effectively. A custom data entry AI tool can be developed to align with industry-specific regulations and standards, ensuring accurate and compliant data processing.

AI data entry automation tools utilize AI engines trained on industry-native data sets. This means the AI software fits your specific needs perfectly, just like an employee with 10-year experience in the industry. Moreover, if you want to enter the data into your CRM system or other databases, your data entry AI should be custom; otherwise, it will not understand and may not have permission to input data into the correct fields.

It easily integrates with existing systems. Custom automated data entry software can be integrated with your existing software, CRM platforms, or databases. This integration ensures smooth data flow and eliminates any compatibility issues, which often occur if you use a ready-made subscription-based solution.

Better scalability. A custom AI data entry tool can be designed to scale according to your business growth and evolving data processing needs. This scalability ensures that the tool remains effective and efficient as your business expands.

Ascendix – an Expert in AI Data Entry Automation   Ascendix is an AI pioneer in software development, which combines deep knowledge of modern technology with expertise in real estate. We have established unique and substantial experience in fostering transformative change with the help of AI-driven software for different industries. Moreover, we have built custom AI software ourselves for data entry in various industries, which gave us significant practical experience in building frameworks for AI search, lease abstraction tools, AI recommendations, and other advanced software.

Why choose Ascendix as your partner to automate data entry?   Extensive expertise in software development. With more than two decades of experience, we have developed software solutions for big enterprises and small startups, delivering high-quality and tailored tools for various industries – from real estate to logistics.

Collaborating with major players in the real estate industry. Companies like JLL and Colliers entrust developing in-house software solutions to us, together with more than 300 other clients worldwide.

International outreach, with five offices around the globe, we outsource from Europe and work with the US market, which provides your business with a huge diversity of skills, being connected 24/7, and incorporating knowledge of international trends and demand into your solution.

How Ascendix can help you in AI data entry automation?   Custom software development, we can build a custom AI data entry automation tool tailored to your business needs. If you have an existing solution in mind, that you would like to integrate into your software, we can do this for you, developing and optimizing all the features and customizing the solution for you.

Consultancy   We can help you choose the most suitable AI solution, suitable for your business needs. Technical audit. The Ascendix team can perform the audit of your existing AI tool, if you are using one, and improve it with the help of artificial intelligence or other features per your request’.

Schedule a free Ascendix consultation today and investigate how to automate data entry with us, just use this LINK.


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