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PROPTECH-X : Fine & Country increases international marketing and growth focus  

Fine & Country increases international marketing and growth focus  

Premium estate agency, Fine & Country is increasing its focus on international growth by launching new marketing initiatives to support its existing international network as well as expanding into new markets. This underscores Fine & Country’s commitment to connecting high-net-worth individuals with its network of local property experts and luxury properties worldwide. 

Emilie Despois, Chief Marketing Officer of Fine & Country, commented on the company’s intensified marketing efforts aimed at increasing brand visibility and property listings to a global audience. “Our focus is on facilitating marketing initiatives from the centre, enabling us to join forces as a network and allow our agents to increase their capabilities and carry out activities they may not be able to carry out on their own, due to lack of time or resources. This allows our global network to offer international property exposure for their client.” 

Purchasing a property abroad is a popular choice among Britons, with the English Housing Survey revealing that a reported 2.1 million households have a least one second property, around 40% of which are outside the UK. Likewise, the UK property market has been an attractive option among international investors. “Increasing our international marketing efforts, firstly opens up more opportunities for our international customer base, as well as referral opportunities for agents within out network,” notes Despois.

She adds that the brand has introduced several strategic initiatives, designed to increase the brand’s presence internationally and provide clients with unparalleled exposure of their property worldwide, while ensuring they receive the best advice and support throughout the buying and selling process. These initiatives include an informative webinar series on purchasing in specific countries, property advertising on international portals and luxury websites, as well as key partnerships with companies operating at an international level which presents opportunities for cross-border referrals within the Fine & Country network. 

According to Despois, these initiatives are proving successful, with a 9% increase in international listings and 60.6% increase in referrals of customers within the network so far in 2024*.  “We are seeing positive results from our efforts and are excited about the opportunities this brings to our clients, our agents and the brand,” she concludes. 


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