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PROPTECH-X : Landsec Experience app by Smart Spaces London launch

Smart Spaces developed Landsec Experience app launches

Landsec, one of the UK’s leading commercial real estate companies, is launching an optimised Landsec Experience app across its entire London portfolio of prime workplaces using Smart Spaces’ smart building OS.

The new app is designed to help people who work in Landsec’s buildings get the most from their time in and around their offices. In addition to digital access control, it provides office customers with access to a range of personalised experiences, events and discounts along with the latest information about their workplaces, through their smartphones and smartwatches. 

The app also integrates with Landsec’s flexible office brand – Myo – allowing Landsec customers to book meeting rooms and events spaces through the app in Piccadilly, The City of London, Southbank and Victoria. In line with Landsec’s wider focus on leveraging data and insights to improve customer experiences, the app will also enable two-way consumer feedback for Landsec with customer surveys to better understand how its buildings are being used and any opportunities for its services to be enhanced.

Smartphone access to buildings is now ‘live’

The Landsec Experience app will also provide contactless entry for customers, aligned with Landsec’s strategy to deliver digital-led solutions which enhance guest experience. At all London locations, access credentials can now be stored in digital wallets to make this a seamless experience.  

To facilitate this, Landsec has optimised the technology throughout its spaces with upgraded doors readers in many buildings, as well as implementing HID Mobile Access. This makes it straightforward to deal with all the licensing and credential management for tenants and visitors, as well as setting building access rights which is now all done quickly and remotely.

Oliver Knight, Head of Workplace at Landsec said: “Alongside our exciting plans to activate our places and buildings, the Landsec Experience app is designed to help the people who work in our spaces get the most out of their time in and around the office. By launching this optimised Landsec Experience app, with even more capabilities, we’re providing a personalised and digital user experience which will enhance the working week for everyone who uses our workplaces.”

Today, registered users simply have to download the Landsec Experience app to then use their Android or Apple smartphones or watches to have quick and seamless access by holding their device near any HID reader to open the turnstiles and doors automatically. 

Smart Spaces’ OS provides easy central control with the ability to modify the app per building and an architecture designed to allow access control software from multiple vendors to be incorporated easily.

Dan Drogman, Smart Spaces’ Chief Executive Officer, says, “We’re delighted to support Landsec with the development of its customer experience app and introduction of mobile access. It’s an important step on their smart building journey with our OS platform capable of scaling with them. It helps a customer like Landsec maximise the investment in its estate to the full.”

Smart Spaces is an award-winning developer of smart building software for global commercial real estate. Its Smart Building OS simplifies day-to-day operational management of buildings to boost energy efficiency and save cost, with its intuitive smartphone-based app enabling secure entry, desk and meeting room booking, parking or access to a host of other services.  The business operates worldwide with over 75 million sq.ft of global office space now managed through its software platform.

Founded in 2010, Smart Spaces is privately owned and headquartered in London. Its goal is to be the world’s leading smart building operating system for commercial real estate. Winners of the Santander Technology Business of the Year in 2023, a raft of prestigious projects in the UK now use its software which has put London centre stage of global smart building implementations. For more information, visit

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