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PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’: Ascendix explains the importance of social media for property professionals | Proptech marketing Veteran Nate Smoyer joins AI-powered roofing startup

Wes Snow CEO of Ascendix explains the importance of social media for property professionals

Having helped companies grow for over twenty-five years the CEO of Ascendix Wes Snow & his co-founder Todd Terry have a huge amount of experience about what does and does not work. They have also seen the different waves of technology come and go, but fundimental to all as I learnt recently the basics stay the same with real estate companies, the need to be front of mind in prospective new clients and existing clients. Here in his own words are some thoughts from Wes Snow on marketing and Social media,

‘Marketing explains the reason why your business exists and what problems it solves. If you don’t convey this message through your marketing activity, prospects won’t contact you because you don’t show them what value you can bring. Investing in real estate marketing tools means investing in the robust digital presence to help you sell more homes and ensure customers’ loyalty.

‘It is not my intention to give a masterclass on marketing, but key to keeping ahead of the curve here are a few things to think about, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the use of your Google Keyword Planner, utilising Yoast SEO to improve company brand visibility and why you should look at having the Moz Backlink Checker in your toolkit. Lets begin by diving into SEO.

Social Media grows your brand awareness and visibility, allowing you to reach a wider range of potential leads. As for the most effective real estate marketing media platforms, you should consider these five: Facebook, (X) Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

‘To get the most out of social media, you need to create a consistent content strategy with attractive marketing collateral. The generation of your branded real estate content, flyers, property profile reports, brochures, is essential. Together with ready-to-send reports and brochures directly from your CRM or ready-to-download materials in various formats.

Tools for SEO of Property Listings – effective SEO strategies armed with reliable SEO tools ensure that property listings rank higher in search results, increasing the chances of being seen by interested individuals seeking specific properties or locations.

‘SEO optimization is an umbrella term for a range of activities people perform to make their listing Google-friendly and visible for many Internet users. Usually, SEO includes: Keyword Research; On-Page and Off-Page Optimization, Backlink Analysis, Rank Tracking, Image Optimization, and more. Not all of the above is needed in real estate marketing, so we’ll only analyse the most essential: tools for Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis, On-Page and Off-Page Optimization.

Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool that helps real estate agents and brokers to improve their website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more potential clients.

‘The features include; Google Keyword Planner offers a range of features that make it a powerful tool for real estate keyword research: Keyword discovery and filtering: A keyword suggestion tool to find new keywords related to your real estate business, and filter them according to specific criteria. Search volume analysis: See how often people search for specific keywords to understand their potential traffic value.

‘Further features include; Competition assessment: The ability to evaluate the competition for your target keywords to assess their difficulty and identify opportunities to rank higher in SERPs: Campaign planning: Create keyword lists and ad groups to organize your keyword research and plan your Google Ads campaigns.

Yoast SEO for Real Estate is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps real estate agents and brokers optimize their property listings for search engines. The plugin provides a comprehensive suite of features required for effective on-page and off-page website optimization. Yoast SEO for Real Estate offers a wide range of features to help you optimize your property listings for search engines.

‘The features include; Keyword optimization: The plugin helps you identify and use relevant keywords in your property listings: Technical SEO: The plugin helps you identify and fix technical SEO issues that could be hurting your website’s ranking:

‘Further features include; Content optimization: The plugin helps you create high-quality, informative content that will attract potential clients: Local SEO: The plugin helps you optimize your website for local search results: Schema markup: The plugin helps you add schema markup to your property listings, which can improve your website’s visibility in search results

Moz Backlink Checker is a powerful tool that helps real estate agents and brokers analyse their backlink profile, identify link-building opportunities, and track their SEO progress. The features include; Comprehensive backlink analysis: View a detailed breakdown of your backlinks, including their source domains, link types, anchor text, and spam score: Link authority metrics: Evaluate the authority and trustworthiness of your backlinks using metrics like Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA):

‘Further features include; Link building opportunities: Identify potential link-building opportunities by uncovering relevant websites and blogs that are linking to your competitors: Backlink tracking: The ability to monitor your backlink profile over time to track the impact of your link-building efforts and identify any changes in your backlink profile: Spam detection: Identify and disavow spammy or low-quality backlinks that could harm your SEO rankings.

Final thoughts – Boosting your Business with real estate marketing tools is not easy

‘Remember as I stated at the beginining ‘marketing explains the reason why your business exists and what problems it solves.’ However, it can be difficult to get started on your own. With our professional team of consultants and advanced marketing packages for real estate agents, the marketing campaigns get easier. If you’re looking for industry-oriented digital solutions, consider Ascendix products. Our team of consultants will be glad to assist you in implementing these solutions in your real estate business. Contact us to start cooperation.’

Proptech marketing Veteran Nate Smoyer joins AI-powered roofing startup

PRESS RELEASE Dallas, TX – December 18, 2023 –, an AI-powered roofing company is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its executive team, Nate Smoyer, an experienced early-stage marketing leader in proptech. Nate will assume the role as Head of Marketing, building out a local and national marketing and branding strategy for the company.

His tenure at successful startups such as Obie and Avail (which exited to is marked by his ability to build dynamic teams, standardize marketing operations, foster an analytics-driven culture, and generate significant inbound interest from channel and media partners. In addition, he’s helped both previous startups achieve Inc 5000 recognition for being fast-growing startups.

Aside from Nate’s successful marketing career, his passion for uncovering latest trends and opportunities in real estate can be seen through his industry podcast, Tech Nest: the Proptech Podcast—which has made him a prominent voice within the proptech industry.

“I’m ready to get to work,” said Nate when asked how he felt about joining the team. “I think my experience in proptech and building marketing programs at the early-stage, and the technology we have at, are going to enable us to create a memorable, first-class brand.”

Nathan Mathews,’s Founder and CEO, said, “This all came together rather organically. I met Nate when recording a podcast, and later at a conference. It’s clear he’s got the experience and passion for all things proptech marketing and we’re excited to have him lead our marketing department here at” is the first and only vertically integrated roofing company, leveraging on-demand drones to perform roof scans and AI to analyze the condition of roofs in the country. revolutionizes the roofing industry through its digitally-native, on-demand approach, utilizing drones and AI to unlock proprietary roofing data for homeowners and enterprise operators. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, drives down the costs of roof repair and replacement, enhances the property owner experience, and provides a global roofing platform for marketplace participants.

For more information about and these recent developments, please contact Head of Marketing, Nate Smoyer, at, or visit our website at

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