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PROPTECH-X : Leadpro integrates with Alto streamlining lead management for estate agencies

Leadpro integrates with Alto

Leadpro, a lead generation and management tool, is excited to announce its integration with Alto, the market-leading software for estate agents This integration aims to drive efficiencies for agents by enabling the seamless transfer of leads from Leadpro directly into Alto, providing a streamlined approach to managing and nurturing prospects.

Leadpro is designed to capture, refine, and action business prospects, delivering significant value to the estate agency sector and peripheral industries. Responding to frequent customer requests, the integration with Alto addresses the need for a smooth transition of lead details into CRM systems, allowing for effective management and progression of prospects into customers.

Expanding on the integration features, Richard Combellack, Chief Product Officer at, notes that the capability has been built for leads from Leadpro to be pushed into Alto as applicants or vendors.

To be more specific, the integration supports pushing the following lead types:

Leadpro Sale Leads: Pushed into Alto as applicants intending to buy property.

Leadpro Let Leads: Pushed into Alto as applicants intending to rent property.

Leadpro Vendor Leads: Pushed into Alto as vendors intending to sell property.

Leadpro Landlord Leads: Pushed into Alto as vendors intending to rent out property.

Combellack adds that the integration gives agents control over how leads will be pushed as well. “Mutual customers will have the option to allow the integration to run fully automatically, meaning all leads are automatically synchronised into the Alto CRM as they are created in Leadpro. Customers can also choose to use it manually, allowing them to personally review which leads they’d like to synchronise into Alto by pushing a ‘Sync to Alto’ button against the lead,” he says.

According to Combellack, the integration will also provide enhanced lead qualification. “Leadpro refines new prospects by sending out detailed questionnaires to new leads, these include questions about their expectations as an applicant or vendor. The responses are then recorded into Leadpro, and automatically pushed into Alto, enriching the data for already synchronised leads,” he expands.

Another benefit is unified data mapping. In order to keep things uniform between Leadpro and Alto, mutual customers will also have the ability to map their offices, sources, and negotiators between both platforms, ensuring uniformity and accuracy in lead data presentation upon every lead sync.

Combellack comments: “This integration with Alto represents a significant milestone in our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for estate agents. By streamlining the transfer of leads and enhancing the quality of lead information, we are empowering our customers to manage their prospects more effectively and efficiently. The ability to customise the synchronisation process further ensures that the system can adapt to the unique needs of each agency.”

Ric Dawson, Chief Operating Officer at Alto and Houseful added: “We’re excited to partner with Leadpro in offering this seamless integration to our users. The partnership is set to transform the way estate agencies handle their leads, reducing manual data entry and enhancing the accuracy and richness of information within Alto.

This integration underscores our dedication to delivering innovative solutions that drive efficiency and productivity for our customers.”

The Leadpro to Alto integration is now available, offering estate agents a powerful tool to optimise their lead management processes and improve customer engagement. See LINK.

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