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PROPTECH-X : Agora, real estate investment management platform, best Fintech at SIIA awards

Fintech Agora wins top spot at SIIA CODiE awards

Press Release (NEW YORK 2024) – Agora, an innovative real estate investment management platform, was named the best Fintech Solution of 2024 at the annual SIIA CODiE Awards. The CODiE Awards recognize the companies producing the most innovative business technology products across the country and around the world.

“Winning the Best FinTech Solution of 2024 at the SIIA CODiE Awards is an exciting milestone for Agora,” said Bar Mor, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Agora. (Pictured below) “It highlights our commitment to innovation and excellence in real estate investment management. Our advanced financial solutions provide real estate firms with accurate and automated management, ensuring they have the tools needed for success. This recognition reinforces our position as a leader in technological innovation in the industry, and we will continue to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients.”

Agora, based in New York City and Tel Aviv, is an all-in-one platform for modern real estate investment businesses. It offers a comprehensive software solution combining technology, automation, and industry expertise to streamline investment management in real estate. Agora works with clients across every single asset class, including, but not limited to, multifamily, residential, industrial, malls, office, agriculture, and debt and equity funds.

Agora’s financial solutions centralize and automate processes for real estate firms, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. The platform offers features to enhance financial reporting, automate distributions, and expedite capital raising. Agora empowers firms to foster transparency and trust with investors, with added capabilities for international money transfers, ACH payments, and professional tax and bookkeeping services, saving both time and money while enabling focus on growth and success.


Agora’s features, which helped it secure the CODiE Award, include:

Customization/Personalization: Users can tailor the CRM, data rooms, subscription flows, fundraising process, measured metrics, reports, branding, and the investor portal.

Feature Set: Includes automated investor onboarding, financial transaction tools (International and domestic), document management, fundraising automation, financial automation (Including Cap Table management, JVs management, NAV, Capital accounts), and more.

Interoperability: The platform is built for seamless integration with existing financial systems.

Relevance to Target Audience: Agora addresses specific market needs by simplifying complex investment management processes.

Reporting: Agora’s reporting features are robust and highly customizable, allowing users to generate detailed financial reports that meet diverse user needs and compliance requirements.

Security: Agora prioritizes security with comprehensive measures, compliance auditing, and interaction logging to mitigate risks.

“The recipients of the 2024 Business Technology CODiE Awards continue to uphold the prestigious tradition of the CODiEs by distinguishing the most effective and influential applications, services, and products in the business technology sector. We take immense pride in acknowledging this year’s winners – the crème de la crème! Kudos to all the victors of this year’s CODiE Awards!” said Chris Mohr, President of SIIA.

Details about the winning products can be found at

Agora is a comprehensive software solution that utilizes technology, automation, and real estate expertise to streamline investment management. Based in NYC and Tel Aviv, Agora is a fintech/SaaS company dedicated to helping real estate firms raise and preserve capital.

By automating back-office processes, enhancing investor satisfaction, and offering advanced operational tools, Agora empowers clients to optimize efficiency. Trusted by top real estate firms like Decron Properties, Beachwold, and Electra America, Agora is revolutionizing the industry. Learn more at LINK


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