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PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’: Property Inspect Announces Expansion to Grow UK Commercial Market 

It is well known that managing property portfolios can be problematic; they are large, expensive immovable assets that require effective operational control, monitoring and maintenance to operate efficiently. But with so many diverse commercial properties to look after; how can property managers and facility managers ensure that their assets – estimated at around £900bn in the UK alone – remain relevant and functional for the life cycle of the property?  

Property Inspect, provider of property management and home inspection software announces the UK launch of their digital platform to provide commercial property professionals with a responsive system with advanced innovative features, connecting facility managers, property managers and tenants to real-time diary and report and inspection management across domestic and global portfolios that helps organise and oversee the administrative side of property portfolios no matter how big or diverse.

Property Inspect UK – Why Now?

Although Property Inspect is already an established global brand with over 100,000 registered users, with clients such as Amazon, AirBnB, REMAX, US Municipalities, Hines and more, Property Inspect  has been launched to specifically nurture the commercial real estate and facility management sectors in the UK.

With transactions rising by 115% in the first quarter of 2021 compared with Q1 of last year and a 55% rise on the 10-year average, the commercial real estate market is making a resounding recovery from the challenges of Covid-19.

Property Inspect UK will help property professionals to manage the complex needs of the retail, industrial and commercial real estate with digital reporting options that support long term-cost management and de-risk personnel and facilities functions while minimising environmental impact. 

With compliance at its core, property management and inspection software adds to operational effectiveness and safeguards the company’s assets and buildings. Property Inspect UK aims to reduce expenditure and expand the ability to identify and address problems early for everyone involved in the property management and compliance process.  

Warrick Swift, Property Inspect Commercial Director explains  

“Many businesses still look after their buildings using analogue systems, or outdated processes. Our continued success in commercial real estate globally has helped us to establish a firm footing in the market, and re-imagined commercial inspections and reporting, with our end-to-end property software solution which enables users to produce professional reports internally. 

“The commercial real estate industry now has access to a modern, fast, streamlined property reporting system that scales and adapts whether they have a single building or an entire portfolio spread across regional locations or are sited in the global market – Property Inspect works with them.

“Client’s daily walkthroughs, monthly building inspections, maintenance surveys, fire risk assessments, cleaning checklists – our system covers it all and more with our professional inspection platform capturing issues on-site to get maintenance and cleaning issues identified and resolved faster.

“Property Inspect UK integrates with an increasing number of property management applications to synchronise calendars for inspections, and automatically upload completed reports or work orders to third party systems.”

Property Inspect UK will be pivotal in managing the complex needs of the retail, industrial and commercial real estate with digital reporting options that support long term-cost management, helphelps to de-risking of  personnel and facilities functions, and minimize environmental impact. 

The Perfect Solution for Every Client

Property Inspect UK recognises the complex needs of clients from facility management to lease inspections, office changeovers and audits. To meet those needs; unfettered access to an ever-expanding library of templates enables clients to manage all types of property related reporting; for example:   

  • Condition Reports
  • Snagging Report
  • Risk Assessments
  • RICS Home Surveys
  • Fire & Safety Inspection
  • HMO Fire & Safety / Property Audit
  • Electrical Performance and Gas Safety Reports
  • Facility Inspection Checklist
  • Asset Register
  • Legionella Assessment and Asbestos Assessment.

With the freedom and ability to customize templates and develop bespoke reports; Property Inspect is your own personalised platform for effective property management and compliance.’

To find out more about how Property Inspect can help your property portfolio or for a demonstration please get in touch.

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