PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’: Meet Parker adds ‘Multilingual’ AI translation service to Chatbot

AI technology provider Meet Parker is pleased to announce the addition of multi-language translation to their ‘Parker’ chatbot. 

AI technology provider Meet Parker is pleased to announce the addition of multi-language translation to their ‘Parker’ chatbot. 

This multilingual feature will provide automatic translation of chat between Parker and the customer. Further enhancing Parker’s capability to handle various languages and tailored specifically to cover mortgage, property and insurance acronyms and terminology. 

The latest enhancement is shortly to go into pilot and will be available at the end of the year for wider use by the industry.

Parker provides AI assistance to support customers, intermediaries and lenders during their mortgage, insurance or homebuying journey. Engaging with customers from the very beginning, before seamlessly transitioning the chat to a real-person for advice and further support.

Phil Bailey, Meet Parker
Phil Bailey, Managing Director of Meet Parker

Managing Director, Phil Bailey said: “Our latest innovation to Parker brings huge opportunities to the market. The ability to communicate, engage and chat with customers across any platform, website or social channel has become normality for many other industries. Yet, much of Financial Services continues to fall short in this area and is often reluctant to adopt communication methods that customers have come to expect.

“Basic communication, engagement and language barriers should not exist in Financial Services. 

“The addition of automictic and instant translation of chat into the customers preferred language of choice, in real-time, across all channels – provides Parker with a level of intelligence, engagement and equity often missing from the industries standard approach.

“Lenders, providers, intermediaries and the end customer all benefit from Parker’s tailored, multi-channel engagement and the ability to extend your company brand and voice through AI. 

“The language or platform your customer has chosen to reach out and communicate with you through, should be irrelevant in this day and age. Go beyond live chat and contact forms to drive a new era of engagement. Be this end customer or intermediary, Parker is there to help.”

About Meet Parker:

“Parker is designed to be first contact with your customers from the moment they locate your brand. Using intelligent chatbots to increase customer engagement, extend your business, tone of voice and services through the use of AI and chat”

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