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PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’ Weekly Roundup: Proptech MYNE expands into Sweden | Rightmove buys proptech HomeViews for £8M | raises £5M to modernise roofing industry


Proptech MYNE – Managed Co-Ownership platform expands into Sweden

The Berlin-based company MYNE is further strengthening its position as the European leader in Managed Co-Ownership of high-quality vacation properties. Following its success in Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and France, the company, founded in 2021, is now expanding its offerings to include premium vacation homes in Sweden.

German buyers can now invest in shares of vacation properties in Sweden. The offering initially includes properties in the Stockholm Archipelago and the largest ski resorts in the northern part of the country. Ola Mattisson has been appointed as the General Manager for Sweden.

Initially, MYNE will offer four properties located in the exclusive Stockholm Archipelago and popular ski resorts in the northern part of the country. By taking this step, MYNE becomes the first shared ownership platform to offer real estate in Sweden. To lead local business development, Ola Mattisson, a native Swede with a track record in luxury real estate and technology, has been appointed as the General Manager. In addition to expanding its real estate offerings, MYNE is taking this step to tap into a market that is known to have a high affinity for sharing and vacation homes.

Nikolaus Thomale, Founder and CEO of MYNE, stated, “Sweden is an engaging market with significant potential for various reasons. Firstly, there are many overlaps between our existing real estate portfolio in Southern Europe and the preferred travel destinations for Swedish citizens, particularly Spain, Italy, and France. Additionally, Sweden is well-known year-round versatile vacation destination with excellent infrastructure.”

ll require in order to stay compliant available within seconds via the Sprift platform.”

Rightmove – Acquisition of HomeViews for £8M

‘Rightmove plc, the UK’s largest property portal, today announces the acquisition of HomeViews Platform Limited (“HomeViews”) for a cash consideration of £8 million. HomeViews is the UK’s biggest community of verified resident reviews of property developments, with a particular focus on the build to rent sector.

It helps prospective residents make more informed decisions about where to live, as well as providing rental operators and developers with a powerful research and marketing tool to help them better understand their residents’ experiences. Its data platform, HomeViews Pro, is also used by the build to rent industry to better understand resident experiences and trends across the sector. HomeViews CEO, Rory Cramer, (Pic above) will continue to lead the HomeViews team following the acquisition.

Comment from Andrew Stanton, CEO Proptech-PR ‘The above official announcement is important for many stakeholders in the property industry and the proptech verticals. CoStar Group acquiring On The Market, already have a sizeable arsenal of technology to cascade down, in contrast possibly the incumbent heavyweight property portal Rightmove was mis-stepped by just repeating its old busines model of increasing licence fees without adding value.

Is this the starting pistol for all the main three portals to really digitize the moving process in the UK, I for one really hope so having been beating that drum for seven-years, as technology is definitely now outpacing legacy systems of property operations.’

using on growth across the UK. I’m delighted to welcome all new team members to the LRG group.” raises £5.9M in seed round to modernise roofing

For complete transparency are not a client of Proptech-PR my consultancy company, but I did have a recent meeting with Nate Smoyer where we went through what Roofer did as a service, so I am more than happy to run this piece of great news for a really scaling company, who use technology to make more revenue, rather than just looking to use technology to build a tech company, a refreshing change. And drone technology and AI are both definitely very much in the mix here too.

Dallas Texas – Reported by Nate Smoyer sets out to build first technology-powered, nationwide roofing company, ‍AI startup, a pioneering technology company in the roofing industry, announced today that it has raised a $7.5 (£5.9) million Seed round led by Mucker Capital with participation from Soma Capital, HF0, Asymmetric Capital Partners, Alumni Ventures, HustleFund, The Council, GoAhead Ventures, Mirada Capital and several prominent angels such as the Founder and CEO of Mercury and the Founder and CEO of ParkHub, The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and plans to use the funding to launch into Austin, Texas, it’s second market.

‍Prior to closing the Seed round, was a participant in an exclusive accelerator reserved for leading startups focused on developing AI products and solutions, HF0.

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