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Understanding PECR: Implications for UK estate agents’ marketing practices

In the ever-evolving landscape of data protection regulations, estate agents in the UK are urged to familiarise themselves with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), as they impact marketing communications through electronic mail.

According to Paul Offley, Compliance Officer at The Guild of Property Professionals, PECR is a critical component of data protection regulations overseen by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). He notes that anyone who breaches PECR could potentially face a few forms of punishment such as criminal prosecution, non-criminal enforcement, or an audit. The Information Commissioner can also serve a monetary penalty notice imposing a fine of up to £500,000, which can be issued against the organisation or its directors.

“Given the high cost of breaching the regulations, compliance is a priority. While PECR might have seemed complex or unclear in the past, it’s necessary for estate and letting agents to comprehend its implications to ensure compliance and uphold the privacy of their clients. PECR’s purview extends to marketing communications issued via email, whether from the agent or any third party acting on their behalf, and should be regarded in conjunction with existing data protection controls. It is a best practice to reference PECR in your privacy notice to reinforce transparency and accountability,” Offley comments.

He adds that the core principle of PECR that agents must heed is that they can only send direct marketing through electronic mail under two conditions:

Consent: Estate agents must obtain explicit consent from the data owner before sending any marketing emails. This means that recipients need to provide clear and informed consent for their contact details to be used for marketing purposes.

Soft Opt-in: Alternatively, estate agents can make use of the ‘soft opt-in,’ which has specific requirements that need to be met. The soft opt-in encompasses situations where estate agents:

  1. Collect consumer contact details directly from them, not from a third party.
  2. Gather consumer details during a sale or negotiation for a sale of their products or services.
  3. Seek to send marketing about similar products and services.
  4. Provide a simple and clear way for consumers to opt-out or decline marketing when their details are collected.
  5. Include a straightforward and easily accessible opt-out mechanism in each marketing message.

To navigate this regulatory landscape, Offley says that estate agents are encouraged to take the following steps:

Review and Revise Strategy: Estate agents should thoroughly evaluate their current email marketing strategy to ensure that it aligns with the requirements outlined by PECR. This includes obtaining valid consent or meeting the criteria for the soft opt-in. Documentation: Maintain clear and organised documentation that demonstrates compliance with PECR’s regulations. This documentation can serve as evidence of adherence to data protection requirements.

Transparency: Update your privacy notice to include references to PECR and the measures you have taken to comply with its provisions. This enhances transparency with your clients and builds trust. As the property sector continues to embrace digital channels for marketing, Offley says that understanding and implementing PECR’s regulations is not only a legal requirement but also a commitment to safeguarding individuals’ privacy. By adhering to PECR’s principles, estate agents can forge stronger relationships with clients and foster an environment of data responsibility.

For more information about PECR and its impact on estate agents’ marketing practices, as well as guidance on ensuring compliance, please visit the ICO website or seek professional legal advice. Joining The Guild can also help agents navigate complex matters such as this and or other compliance issues.

Angela Rayner new Shadow Levelling Up and Housing Secretary

Following several poor performances it comes as no surprise that LisaTandy has lost her position to Angela Rayner in the new look Labour shadow government announced today. Many pundits are now speculating what if there is a change in government, this could mean for housing policy in the UK. Certainly Mr Gove the incumbent housing secretary has done almost nothing, apart from presided over the lowest amount of new builds in the last decade. A brownfield policy on planning and a go hang the environment U-turn in recent weeks.

With her very public working class heritage, it will be interesting to see if the national homebuilders find an ally in Angela Rayner, should she hold high office in a serving government, also it will be interesting to see what will happen to Generation Rent and the ever diminishing amount of Landlords selling up and leaving the Private Rented Sector. What is certain as Deputy to Mr Starmer, she will at least be in the brief as to the course they want to follow.

Of course all of Labour’s policies are subject to revision as Starmer has proved on a number of occasions, and the invisible PM Mr Rishi Sunak now has to deal with concrete in schools and maybe motorways, and probably rising interest rates this month, so there is little expectation of anything positive in the housing or building sector this autumn.

On the positive in four months we hit 2024, a likely General election year, and perhaps a lot of things will become a lot clearer. Until then expect a lot more soundbites and posturing but very little good news in the propert sector.

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