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PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’: Sprift Soundcast powers the property industry playlist every Friday | Guild says estate agents can harness the power of content marketing to connect and lead

Sprift Soundcast powering the property industry – every Friday

Full disclosure Sprift are a client of my associated business Proptech-PR ‘A consultancy for Proptech Founders’ but I am using this publication to promote Sprift Soundcast as I genuinely feel that what we all need right now is some industry suppliers going the extra mile to support property practitioners during the present turbulent times, and helping to turn on those smiles.

For those who have not heard about the Sprift Soundcast, you’ve come to the right place to learn about its genesis as Sprift Founder and CEO Matt Gilpin explains all you need to know.

‘We are very proud to be a part of the property industry; an industry that has more driven and ambitious people than any other. We know that nothing uplifts and motivates us all quite the way that music does… be it the tune that pumps you up for the gym, the playlist you select for focusing on work, what you listen to when you’re chilling out away from the office or that one track that gets you in the mood for a great night out.

Matt Gilpin CEO & DJ Sprift

At Sprift, we’re very fortunate to have several ex-professional DJs in our ranks – including, although I say it with some degree of reservation, myself! – along with some incredibly talented musicians, serious music lovers, serial giggers and festival fans.

My own experience is that I DJ’d professionally in my late teens and twenties, gracing the ‘wheels of steel’ at many UK nightclubs and events and further afield in Ibiza, Japan, and the USA. Music still forms a part of my day, every day in some way, even now.

At the heart of our culture at Sprift is a desire to innovate and a drive to collaborate. Which got us collectively thinking… why not share the DJ expertise from the Sprift team and release weekly mixes to power-up our industry and beyond?

Could we find a way to create a wide range of mixes from a variety of musical genres to form a series of soundtracks that everyone can tap in to, then open it up to all in the industry to share their own musical tastes, guilty pleasures, you name it…

And right there the Sprift Soundcast was born, and better still every Friday it is out there to be the Sounds that powers everyone’s property weekend’.

To make sure you never miss a new Friday Soundcast session hit this button now.

UK estate agents harness the power of content marketing to connect and lead

In the following Press Release from The Guild, there are a couple of terms that I would like to qualify for those who are not familiar with them. So in terms of the difference between what a blog is, and what an ezine is, a blog contains anything it can be like a stream of consciousness, it just needs to add value to the community or audience. Ezines are different they need to stay on trend, or the audience may get lost. Blogs are more confidential typically a tinier exclusive audience, and higher levels of trust, Ezines are more of an advertising platform.

In my day job as a Proptech Realestate Influencer I 100% agree that content, of high quality that enriches the wisdom of the recipient is a win for all, it builds brand, trust and loyalty. But, it has to constantly produced or the waiting audience/readership will stop turning up to consume it.

Press Release 21st August 2023 – In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, UK estate agents are seizing the opportunity to transform their marketing strategies through the dynamic realm of content marketing. This is according to Richard Combellack, Commercial Product Officer, at, who adds that by deploying an array of captivating blog posts, insightful eZines, and engaging videos, estate agents are not only establishing authority but also forging meaningful connections with their target audiences like never before.

He adds that content marketing has emerged as a driving force in the property sector, redefining how estate agents engage with clients and build enduring relationships. “Gone are the days of relying solely on traditional advertising methods; today’s savvy estate agents understand that creating valuable, informative, and engaging content is the key to standing out in a competitive market,” Combellack comments.

He discusses a few benefits of content marketing for estate agents:

Authority Establishment

Blog posts penned by seasoned professionals offer insights, trends, and expert advice, positioning estate agents as industry thought leaders. This expertise instils trust and confidence in potential clients, leading them to turn to these agents when navigating the complex world of buying and selling property.

In-depth expertise through eZines

eZines are animated digital magazines, that offer an enticing way of presenting property listings online alongside interesting lifestyle content. Combellack says that by crafting comprehensive eZines, estate agents can delve into intricate topics, offering in-depth knowledge that showcases their proficiency. These digital resources increase the interaction with an agent’s communication and marketing and can become valuable references for clients seeking to make informed decisions, further enhancing the agent’s reputation as a knowledgeable guide.

Visual storytelling via informative videos

If they are not already, videos should be a staple of content marketing. According to Combellack, many estate agents are leveraging this medium to offer virtual property tours, share neighbourhood insights, and provide step-by-step guidance on the buying or selling process. This personalised approach not only informs but also resonates with audiences on a deeper level.

“The purpose of content marketing is to connect and engage with potential clients. Content marketing has proven to be a potent bridge between estate agents and their target audience. It fosters engagement and conversation, allowing agents to interact with clients on a more personal level. The interactive nature of blog comments, eZines downloads, and video shares creates an environment where potential clients feel heard and valued,” says Combellack.

“Content marketing is revolutionising how our estate agency clients are interacting with buyers and sellers. Through insightful blog posts and captivating videos, agents have been able to share their expertise while establishing meaningful connections. This has translated into stronger client relationships and increased business opportunities.”

The power of content marketing extends beyond mere engagement. It drives organic traffic to estate agents’ websites, improves search engine rankings, and generates leads that are genuinely interested in the agent’s services. As a result, estate agents are experiencing a significant boost in brand visibility and customer inquiries.

“In a sector that thrives on trust and relationships, estate agents are embracing content marketing as a transformative tool. By crafting informative and compelling content, they are not only distinguishing themselves from the competition but also building a foundation for long-term success,” Combellack concludes.

PROPTECH-X in association with Estate Agent Networking & NewsNow publications.

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