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PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’: Speeding Up Conveyancing: Insights at The Guild Conference | Proptech Giraffe360 unveils new video marketing tool for estate agents

Speeding Up Conveyancing: Insights at The Guild Conference

In a recent panel discussion at The Guild of Property Professionals’ conference, James Du Pavey, Managing Director of James Du Pavey Independent Estate Agents, highlighted the pressing challenges faced by estate agents in the UK, particularly concerning the time-consuming nature of property transactions.

Estate agency stands unique among professions, with agents selling a property only to receive payment several months later. Addressing this lag and finding innovative ways to expedite the conveyancing process has become paramount. According to Du Pavey, finding the right conveyancing partner is essential to control the length of time that an agent’s pipeline takes to turn. “The foundation of a swift transaction lies in firstly working with the right conveyancing firm, and then ironing out the several potential ‘pinch points’ with your conveyancing partner to streamline the process,” he adds. Du Pavey provides a few more insightful tips that could help expediate the conveyancing process:

Harnessing Modern Technology “Client onboarding for a conveyancer can be more arduous than it is for agents. Finding a conveyancer that utilises the latest technology can hugely reduce the time taken to begin a transaction and can save weeks off the time frames. Modern conveyancing platforms like Perfect Portal and Infotrack offer transformative solutions. Clients can complete ID checks electronically, upload proof of funds via open banking and all protocol forms can be completed in App. This process can allow a purchaser or seller to do all that in a matter of minutes saving a week or more off a transaction,” says Du Pavey.

Immediate search ordering “A proactive conveyancing partner understands the significance of ordering searches immediately upon instruction, which again can considerably accelerate the purchase process. Not to mention modern firms should be able to issue contracts on the same day once onboarding is complete.”

Efficient communication “Personalised communication is crucial. Du Pavey advocates for direct communication channels with the fee earner handling the case. He voiced his reservations against call centres and very admin heavy teams.”

Unified notification systems “I find using lots of different platforms for different solicitors that you need to login into to find updates are often a pain. Mypreference is law firms that proactively email updates on key milestones automatically. This ensures that we are always informed, often even before the clients themselves,” says Du Pavey.

Managing workload “A successful partnership requires a conveyancing partner who knows their limits. Du Pavey advised against relying on conveyancers who take on an excessive workload, which can lead to delays. “Find a conveyancing partner that is prepared to say no! We have all experienced good conveyancers that become popular, get a huge case load and then timeframes delay dramatically. A successful partnership needs someone to have an appropriate case load,” he adds.

Du Pavey’s insights provide a roadmap for agents to navigate the complexities of the conveyancing process more efficiently. As the property market continues to evolve, adopting these strategies can offer a competitive edge to agents, ensuring smoother transactions and happier clients

Proptech Giraffe360 unveils new video marketing tool for estate agents

Giraffe360, a proptech startup specialising in real estate visualisation, has released a range of new features designed to empower real estate professionals worldwide.

Understanding the importance of video in today’s digital landscape, Giraffe360 introduced an advanced set of video editing tools with the launch of vertical video generation, expanding on its current video walkthrough solution.

This caters to the growing demand for mobile-friendly content, allowing for portrait or landscape orientations to maximise reach and engagement across social media channels.

Giraffe360 has also added the ability to customise music, text, voiceovers, speed adjustment and angle selection of videos. These features enable estate agents to effortlessly create eye-catching videos for social media platforms, with no prior video editing experience required.

Its new Measurement Tool empowers users to calculate specific property dimensions directly within virtual tours. Leveraging LiDAR data, this feature provides the spatial knowledge needed to visualise and plan effectively, enhancing decision-making for space utilisation, renovations, and interior planning.

Giraffe360’s new Object Placement feature in its custom Floor Plan Editor offers a new level of customisation and control, allowing for a clearer representation of property layouts. Users can now add, delete, and adjust common and custom objects within floor plans, improving the visual appeal and understanding of a property’s spatial arrangement.

In response to its global user base, Giraffe360 has expanded camera language support to include German and French, ensuring a seamless and confident capturing experience.
Additionally, the introduction of the Leads Page within the Giraffe360 dashboard enhances lead management, providing agents with intuitive tools to track and respond to potential buyers efficiently.

“Through these innovative features, we are excited to further empower real estate professionals globally, enabling them to list and market properties with unparalleled accuracy and effectiveness,” said Mikus Opelts, CEO at Giraffe360. “We are dedicated to continuous innovation and are eager to see how our partners leverage these new capabilities to transform their listings.”

For more information about Giraffe360 and demo its latest features, please visit

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