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Rishi Sunak in environmental U-turn to appeal to populist floating voter

In what many pundits in the ESG vertical see as political suicide, the invisible man of politics Rishi Sunak has now clearly shown that he wants to slow down on policies that will help the planet from continuing to burn. By adding half a decade to some Green targets, even though large car manufacturers are going electric by 2030; and although a large slice of the electorate want a better planet for themselves and their children, it would seem that Rishi Sunak has taken fright or been pressured to change government policy.

Putting aside that very late in the day the most senior politician in the land is having a re-think on major policy that affects hundreds of thousands of jobs, economic investment and will impact on the health of the nation, it just seems utter lunacy to be so out of step with all the stakeholders tied up in this complex ecosystem. Not to mention the amount of supporters of the government who will now be looking elsewhere to other who are more sympathetic to their cause.

Do not get me wrong, I actually think that Labour was correct in rowing back on all that noise about Green industries being the new power base of the UK, as in reality though there is a need to re-plumb the whole infrastructure of energy, pollution etc, quite simply these new industries do as yet not exist. Yes multi-millions are pouring into new enterprises seeking to solve some big climate problems, but as yet there are not mature workable solutions looking to employ a vast workforce anytime soon.

All of that said, what Rishi Sunak has done by unpicking his blonde predecessor’s core policies on the way the UK should be treating the planet, is to create uncertainty at the precise point all nations are committed to getting to Net-Zero in the quickest time frame possible.

Indecision is often worse than making the wrong decision, as it is costly. Rishi seems unable to get the big calls right, with major infrastructure projects like HS2 about to be axed with Euston no longer on its rail map, and the Manchester/Birmingham route likely to falter. Which will not only leave the land scarred for nothing, but will neither be seen as a failure or a success, rather an idea that ran out of cash and steam, maybe a fitting railway epitaph, but a tricky one to get past an electorate likely to be voting in the next 12-months.

Transform your estate agency marketing strategy with Geotargeting

In the dynamic world of estate agency, staying ahead of the curve is essential to stand out in a competitive market. According to Ben Sellers, Co-Founder of Starberry, part of, one winner of a solution that will empower estate agents across the UK to supercharge their marketing efforts and stand apart is Geotargeting.

“Modern technology has transformed the way businesses interact with their target audiences, and the property sector is no exception. Geotargeting has emerged as a powerful tool that allows estate agents to connect with potential buyers in specific areas, ensuring that their marketing campaigns are not only relevant but also highly effective,” Sellers comments.

He notes that Geotargeting leverages the precise location of potential buyers to deliver tailored marketing messages. “By honing in on a specific geographical area, estate agents can promote properties to individuals who are actively seeking property buying opportunities in those neighbourhoods. This level of personalisation enhances engagement, drives traffic to listings, and increases the likelihood of successful sales,” says Sellers.

He believes that adding Geotargeting elements to the business’s marketing strategy will benefit estate agents in a few ways. “A key benefit is precision targeting, which ensures that your marketing efforts are directed towards individuals who are actively interested in properties within your service areas. Another benefit is enhanced engagement from potential buyers. Personalised messages delivered at the right time and place will lead to higher engagement rates, fostering meaningful interactions between agents and potential buyers,” he comments.

He adds that a targeted approach to marketing will help to ensure that the return on investment is maximised. “By focusing resources on specific areas with higher buyer demand, estate agents can achieve a higher return on investment for their marketing spend. Also, analysing user interactions and responses will provide data-driven insights that can help agents to further refine their marketing strategies, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptability,” says Sellers. “These elements also provide a competitive edge because embracing cutting-edge technology will showcase the agency as innovative and customer-centric, setting the agent apart from traditional marketing approaches.”

According to Sellers, in the ever-evolving estate agency landscape, harnessing the power elements such as Geotargeting is not just an option – it’s a strategic imperative. As pioneers in innovative proptech solutions, are excited to equip estate agents across the UK with the tools they need to drive success in their marketing efforts.

Don’t miss out on this transformative opportunity to elevate your estate agency’s reach, relevance, and results. Contact us today to learn more about how proptech and digital marketing elements can drive more leads to your business –

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