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PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’: Pathzz partner with PFM Intelligence Group | Fine & Country agents express cautious optimism for 2024

Pathzz partner with PFM Intelligence Group to scale in UK Proptech marketplace

Andrew Stanton – Editor

Pathzz, based in London & Sydney – an analytics software start-up invested in by CBRE in 2021 – and UK market leader PFM Intelligence Group, aim to revolutionise location intelligence offering a 360-degree view of physical spaces for landlords, occupiers/retailers, city councils and many more.

The alliance involves combining the Pathzz mobility data intelligence suite with PFM’s established and powerful traffic-counting solution, creating one of the most complete consumer intelligence data sets on physical spaces available in the market.

This collaboration empowers businesses to effectively monitor performance, understanding visitor trends, demographics, and spending habits with unprecedented clarity. Target audiences include property owners, retailers, local authorities and tourist organisations – but both Pathzz and PFM feel the possibilities are endless.

Jason San Diego, founder and CEO at Pathzz, said: “From the outset, Pathzz had ambitions to provide complete intelligence for any physical location – and this partnership signifies an important and exciting next step in that journey. By working with PFM, a longstanding market leader, we can integrate our services and provide a 360-degree view for clients, never seen before.”

The collaboration forms part of a wider expansion plan to enter Europe and Asia markets, where a need has already been identified.

Phil Cox, managing director of PFM Intelligence Group, said: ‘By blending our precise footfall data with Pathzz’s insights, we aim to elevate customer and visitor understanding, enriching strategic decision-making for clients. Using our footfall data, we understand how many and where people go within a location, but now we can understand the complete customer journey from outside our clients’ locations.’

‘Combining this with social-economic data gives our clients a proven return on investment by improving their placemaking and efficiencies made in targeted marketing. It’s a market revolution. We’re delivering reliable insights, consistently, month after month, year after year.’

‘Our partnership also comes at an important time, two years on since pandemic regulations were eased and more confidence has returned to our towns and cities. What we are offering is invaluable insight, which will enable public and private sectors to get real validation for their work and identify areas that need to be developed.’

Jason added: “We saw there was a potential for us to collaborate and knew that we could improve decision-making for both our client bases – so it was just a case of when and how.”

Pathzz is an location intelligence company, providing AI and Big Data software solutions to organizations interested in physical space. From retail expansion and investments, sales forecasting, network optimization, retail media, marketing, and market research. Its software solutions provide instant answers to its clients physical space needs. Clients include Landlords, REITs, retailers, city councils, government organisations, property brokerages, investment banks, hedge funds, universities, and tourism organisations.

The PFM Intelligence Group provides data integration solutions merging real-time insights with historical context, driving accurate forecasting. Streamlining clients IT infrastructure and connectivity. Leveraging historical data and real-time insights, allowing clients to de-risk operations and make smart decisions for tomorrow.

Fine & Country agents express cautious optimism for 2024

Andrew Stanton – Editor

Premium estate agency, Fine & Country has received valuable feedback from its agents and business owners who attended the Autumn Regional Tour events held in November. Attendees were asked to rate their experiences of 2023 and provide expectations for 2024. The overall average rating across all regions was 6.82 out of ten for 2023 and a notable 8.49 outlook for 2024.

The Regional Tour, which focused on success strategies for the upcoming year, provided attendees with a completed one-page action plan to guide their path to success. During the events, participants were able to share valuable insights, and explore success stories that can benefit agents across the network. Rating their experience of the year, enabled agents to identify challenges as well as opportunities to overcome those in the year ahead.

Nicky Stevenson, Managing Director of Fine & Country, commented on the feedback, saying, “Based on the feedback we have received from the network, it is safe to say our agents are optimistic about the year ahead but are realistic about the fact that next year will not be without it challenges. While many have experienced a more challenging market during 2023, most believe that 2024 will be a better year and are excited about the potential opportunities that lie ahead. Sellers will need proactive agents with the tools to maximise their sale price and Fine & Country agents know they can achieve this for their clients.”

Despite the challenges experienced this year, there were some positive aspects such as more stock coming to market in 2023, and some offices expanded their market share. Although most had a slow start to the year, many reported a strong final quarter.

According to Stevenson the optimism for 2024 stems from buyers becoming more comfortable with the higher interest rate environment as the new normal. “Vendors are also displaying greater realism about pricing, a critical factor in the current market. Fine & Country agents highlighted the brand’s positioning and marketing tools that set them apart from competitors. In tougher markets, skilled agents can increase their market share and prove more valuable to vendors.”

Stevenson emphasised the changing landscape for agents, stating, “Gone are the days where agents were merely order takers picking up calls and waiting for leads to come in; they will now have to prospect and become deal makers. For agents with the right skills and support, a tougher market can be an opportunity to grow. Fine & Country agents are both excited and well-equipped to maximise the potential opportunities that may reveal themselves in the year ahead.”

The Fine & Country Regional Tour provided a platform for agents to share experiences, gain insights, and prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in 2024. The positive feedback underscores the resilience and adaptability of Fine & Country agents in navigating the dynamic landscape of the property market.

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