PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’: HTCH wins £50K Innovate UK grant with new architecture & construction service | Fine & Country hosts International Annual Conference and Awards Gala

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Ponk Memoli architect and co-founder of HTCH wins £50K Innovate UK Grant to fill the gap between architecture and construction

Ponk Memoli, an architect and co-founder of HTCH (“hatch”), has secured a critical £50,000 grant from Innovate UK – the UK’s leading innovation agency. This prestigious award fuels her mission to dismantle barriers in the architecture and construction (AEC) industry, to make it more accessible for everyone.

HTCH tackles a long-standing problem in the world of architecture: the disconnect between professionals and homeowners. By democratising building information (3D models, technical drawings) and clarifying building processes, HTCH empowers everyone to participate in shaping their living spaces. This grant signifies a major milestone for Ponk and HTCH, providing vital resources to scale their impactful solution & bridge the gap within the industry.

“I’m thrilled to have Innovate UK on board,” says Rubporn (“Ponk”) Memoli. “This grant comes at the perfect moment for HTCH, allowing us to make architecture more open and inclusive. It represents a giant leap towards achieving our vision of empowering individuals to understand and engage with their built environment.”

Innovate UK received over 2,100 applications for this highly competitive funding round, highlighting the appetite to fuel innovation in the UK. Ponk’s proposal and dedication to inclusivity resonated with the judges, securing her a position among the chosen few. With this grant, HTCH will delve into the construction stage, extending their software with exciting new features. These features bridge the gap between remote architects and on-site construction teams. Imagine seamlessly tracking issues, linking them directly to 3D models and detailed drawings, all in real-time.

This revolutionary approach replaces the archaic practice of relying on emails and Whatsapp messages, fostering accountability and clear visualisation of on-site challenges. HTCH’s web-based platform, accessible on your phone, empowers teams with increased transparency and collaboration. By streamlining communication and issue resolution, they can focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional architectural projects. With this grant and invaluable business mentorship, HTCH is poised to unlock the transformative potential of their solution. Follow HTCH‘s journey to democratise architecture by using this LINK.  

Fine & Country hosts International Annual Conference and Awards Gala

Premium estate agency, Fine & Country is gearing up to host its much-anticipated International Annual Conference and Awards Gala titled ‘Dare to be Iconic’. The event is scheduled to take place on 8th March 2024 at The Brewery, London.

Nicky Stevenson, Managing Director of Fine & Country, expressed her excitement about the upcoming conference, stating, “Every year, the Fine & Country Conference and Awards Gala serves as a focal point for our global network of delegates. It’s an unparalleled opportunity for our UK and international professionals from across the brand to network, learn from each other, and celebrate our collective successes.”

Stevenson highlighted the impressive lineup of speakers and industry experts slated for the event, including the keynote speaker David Abbott. One of the leading 99 global thought leaders on pricing and esteemed international speaker, Abbott will deliver a thought-provoking session titled ‘Dare to be Expensive: How to Price your Platypus’, sharing invaluable insights on pricing strategies that drive revenue growth.

“We are delighted to welcome David Abbott as our keynote speaker. His expertise in pricing principles will undoubtedly empower our delegates to better communicate the value they offer to clients and elevate their businesses,” Stevenson remarked.

In addition to Abbott’s session, the conference will feature presentations from industry experts such as Ben Sellers, Co-founder of Starberry, who will explore the evolution of AI and its integration within businesses to maintain competitiveness in the digital age.

Jonathan Handford and Vanessa Bradford, representing Fine & Country Droitwich Spa, will share their remarkable success story and strategies for outperforming competitors while maintaining high fees. Launching eight years ago and achieving significant growth from a cold start, Fine & Country Droitwich Spa is currently the leading office in the area for new instruction market share in the £750,000 plus, and £1 million plus price points, with a staggering 12.7%, and 18% market share respectively.

The event will also host international speakers, including Bruce Hawker and Zoie Hawker from Fine & Country Algarve, who will discuss the nuances of being a local icon in their respective markets, offering valuable insights for Fine & Country’s global network. Stevenson emphasised the significance of international perspectives in enhancing the network’s understanding of diverse property markets, with speakers from countries including Australia, France, Germany, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, and more.

“As an international brand, we thrive on the exchange of ideas and experiences from around the world. Our conference provides a platform for delegates to gain valuable insights, foster connections, and celebrate excellence within our network,” Stevenson added.

The Awards Gala, a highlight of the event, will recognise outstanding achievements by licensees and associates within the Fine & Country network, underscoring their resilience and dedication amid challenges in the property sector. “We eagerly anticipate an enriching conference filled with valuable learnings, insightful discussions, and well-deserved celebrations of excellence. Together, we dare to be iconic,” Stevenson concluded.

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