PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’: Gary Barker joins the TM Group (UK) | BuildingMinds & GOLDBECK provide ESG data for HANSAINVEST

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Gary Barker appointed as CTO & COO of TM Group

Spoiler alert – I have worked closely with Gary on a number of projects with various companies and although he did not inform me until today of his new appointment, I can unreservedly say that it is a perfect fit for his talents.

Also following TM Groups’ recent acquisition by the AURELIUS, I have no doubt that young Gary will have a laser focused roadmap to galvanise its hidden value. Especially as now the property market at long last is focusing on quickening the transfer of title of property by various stakeholders and regulators, which plays directly into the strengths of his new employer.

As the ‘TM Group has an established presence within the UK property market, providing search aggregation services which are a key component of the UK conveyancing process. Searches supplied include Title, Local Authority, Water & Drainage and Environmental. Many searches are mandatory in any conveyancing process and all searches are charged by solicitors as a disbursement cost within the property buying process in the UK. The company has achieved a leading market position. TM Group generated revenues of GBP 62 million in 2022.’

In my experience there are less than a handful of people in the UK who understand technology, how to drive it into and through operations, and win the hearts and minds of the end user. Add to this Gary’s huge network of peer’s in the industry built over decades and his proven ability to execute what is required, I am sure that  CEO Thomas Maerz and the rest of the c-suite will look forward to the next very positive chapter of the TM Group UK’s growth.

BuildingMinds and GOLDBECK Sustainability Consulting partner to provide ESG data-led growth for HANSAINVEST

Press Release Berlin, Germany:  5 March 2024: BuildingMinds, the leading ESG data management platform for the real estate value chain, today announces its new project partnership with GOLDBECK Sustainability Consulting to provide ESG data-led growth for the real estate value chain.

The new joint offering for HANSAINVEST is designed to support real estate, asset, and portfolio managers with ESG data-led insights and expert consulting services to help companies build more resilient, ESG-compliant real estate portfolios. Using BuildingMinds’ comprehensive data platform and GOLDBECK’s consulting expertise, customers are supported as they collect ESG compliance data. The combined solution and services are helping companies to implement economical, scalable measures that ensure the ESG compliance of their real estate portfolios, to balance risk management while securing their future value.

The current project partnership between the two companies has been met with a positive response and is now supporting a large sustainability-focused real estate development project for capital management company HANSAINVEST. HANSAINVEST is working with GOLDBECK to conduct a CRREM analysis (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor) for over 1,000 of its real estate assets. GOLDBECK will determine the financial risk based on a building’s energy consumption, revealing which real estate assets may be exposed to standing risk.

BuildingMinds’ technology is being applied to intelligently process this data to assess and provide highly strategic cost-efficient recommendations, including average CapEx per year and CapEx to tons of Carbon equivalent (tCO2e). HANSAINVEST will receive risk reports at portfolio, fund, fund partner and asset class level and the assurance of meeting compliance in line with all new regulatory policy, including the CO2 Taxonomy and SFDR.

In the second step of the project, GOLDBECK and BuildingMinds will work to plan the strategic transformation process for the decarbonization of portfolios and individual assets for HANSAINVEST. Capabilities within the BuildingMinds’ platform will enable precise planning against frameworks such as those outlined by the Paris Agreement.

The project partnership between BuildingMinds and GOLDBECK comes at a pivotal time where new requirements and regulations – including CRREM 2.0, EU Taxonomy, and SFDR – are enforcing necessary ESG and compliance-related changes forced upon commercial real estate.

Optimizing energy management has become one of the greatest levers for improving a property’s carbon footprint over its lifecycle, and those who are not fully compliant are seeing a negative impact on the financial value of their property portfolios. The presence of official regulations, combined with growing investor and public awareness of ESG-related issues and risks, has led to greater accountability for companies.

Marek Sacha, CEO of BuildingMinds, comments: “Stakeholders across the real estate value chain are experiencing challenges in managing risk, ESG regulatory hurdles, and cost pressures. Our vision is to transform real estate from a resource-consuming industry into a resource-generating industry by leveraging AI and machine learning in an agile technology platform. The work we are doing for HANSAINVEST, together with GOLDBECK’s unique consulting expertise and construction know-how, demonstrates that true transformation is possible.”

BuildingMinds was founded in 2019 by Schindler Group, to meet the company’s need for building data monitoring and management. The company has expanded to become a major international provider of software for real estate managers, meeting their needs in the areas of reporting and ESG, portfolio management and digital building twins.

GOLDBECK was founded in 1969. Today, with its 12,000 employees, GOLDBECK completes more than 500 projects each year and is one of Europe’s leading construction and services companies.

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