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CREtech London Day One 8th May 2024 – do not miss it!

You have waited a whole year but now the sun is out and the 2024 CREtech conference is once again open for business, networking, the sharing of wisdom and finding out what the future of the built environment really looks like. And if you were wondering for a second the true value of rubbing shoulders with all the most important players in the vertical, take a quick look below, a veritable Who’s Who of all the people you need to meet.

And as an extra bonus – I will also be at the conference for the two days the 8th and 9th so if anyone wants to catch up this is where you will find me for the next 48-hours, immersing myself in the very latest technologies, strategies and as ever continuing to make friends with complete strangers who may one day become the very people who help me to further grow my businesses.

I like many spend many days each year on video conference calls, which are brilliant at getting things executed, but nothing beats a handshake and smile and the ability to just spend time with others away from the normal daily grind, humans are social little animals and CREtech is one of the best places to do just. If you see me wandering around today or tomorrow just get my attention I will be more than happy to help in any way I can.

Lastly of course I would like to thank the maestro Michael Beckerman, and for the opportunity of being a media partner for this conference, we at PROPTECH-X and PROPTECH-PR have for years been firm advocates for both Michael and all the work he does to support the industry, and of course CREtech the event in London and New York.

Zoopla to spend more on marketing

Zoopla, property website, has launched a new eight-week marketing campaign on bank holiday Monday to support agents during the key moving months of May and June. The campaign, which follows a 41% increase in Zoopla’s marketing spend for 2024, will drive extra sessions on top of the seasonal uplift and an estimated +34% uplift in vendor leads for agents. 

Zoopla will continue to position itself as the #1 portal for potential vendors*, and how this helps homeowners unlock their next best move, through its long-running and successful ‘Kids Party’ and ‘Nana’s Cottage’ TV adverts which will be seen by an estimated 46m adults during the duration of the campaign. 

The campaign will saturate popular events and cultural moments such as the Euro’s and FA Cup finals on high-impact channels including TV, VOD, YouTube and Social media channels, whilst also being visible on the Zoopla homepage and app. 

The campaign will be further supported by an increased regional marketing presence in high-performing regions of the North West and West Midlands across channels including local radio (Smooth, Capital, Heart & Greatest Hits), strategically targeted OOH and ‘Zoopla purple’ taxis which launched in March. All of this will ensure Zoopla is thought of first when it comes to selling, contacting an agent or finding your next home. 

This second marketing campaign of 2024 will help agents make the most of improved market sentiment, with 1.1 million transactions forecast for 2024 despite headwinds in the mortgage market and sales agreed up 12% year on year. The campaign’s call to action and onsite content on will also help prime buyers and sellers to make a move and will highlight how Zoopla can support them with their moving decision in 2024. 

Additional marketing activity coming soon includes national scale brand partnerships and integrated partnership with one of the UK’s property programmes which will be launching in the summer. 

Commenting on the launch, Nikki Cole, Director of National Sales for Zoopla said: “One in two UK adults turn to Zoopla first when they’re looking for a valuation and our latest marketing campaign continues to build on this successful platform. We’re all about delivering agents prepared and educated sellers through our marketing and getting the property market moving faster as a result.”

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