PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’: tlyfe continues to be the tenant App of choice as Adam Pigott & team go nationwide to educate the lettings industry | VTS launches VTS 4 bringing predictive data to CRE

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tlyfe the tenant App gets huge marketing boost from national team tour from the Openbrix team

As many will know tlyfe, powered by OpenBrix, is the UK’s most innovative tenant lifecycle app, taking the stress out of the move in process and helping to manage the entire lifecycle of your tenancy. Perhaps what is not so well known is the huge amount of users now downloading the App from the App Store or Google Play.

To help reinforce the value of the service, Adam Pigott CEO of tlyfe (Parent company Openbrix) has with his team been on a whistlestop tour around the nation getting even wider knowledge of what the App can do. Just last week most of the tlyfe team were in Exeter at the Propertymark regional conference, telling a packed audience the benefits and features of the App.

And three weeks ago, resplendent in his distinctive orange Tango corporate tylfe polo shirt, Adam was up on stage in front of another engaged Propertymark audience in Murryfield Scotland. Again getting the message that tech savvy tenants love the UX of the App, but more importantly it helps all stakeholders as it proves the validity of a prospective tenant – before a viewing is booked on a rental property. A big win for the landlord/letting agent and it gets the prospective tenant to the front of the queue.

Adam commented, ‘We now have over 50,000 tenants using the App and have over 200 agents in the mix, so we are seeing a large number of the general public who want to rent property voting with their fingers and downloading the tylfe App. And now we are spending a lot of time with letting industry stakeholders to fully explain how much time and money can be saved if they help push the message that tenants should be using this technology to power their lettings experience. As lot of digital technology is B2B based, but luckily tylfe is B2C, so there is no cost to landlords or lettings agents, but its usage is clearly a win for all.’

If you want to find out more about tlyfe use this LINK.

VTS Announces Launch of VTS 4 – Bringing Predictive Data to Commercial Real Estate

VTS 4 transforms intelligence for landlords with enhanced new data and AI-generated insights to predict demand and better understand the market

Press Release March 2024 – VTS, the technology platform which supports landlords with marketing and leasing space, asset management and tenant engagement, today announces the launch of VTS 4. The software transforms industry intelligence for commercial real estate landlords, enabling them to understand the market better than their competitors and predict tenant demand through enhanced data and AI-generated insights. 

VTS 4 is powered by the newly developed VTS Demand Model which uses AI to link and source intelligence from over 300 million data points across the 13 billion square feet of space managed on the VTS platform. Built from the industry’s only real-time dataset, the VTS Demand Model predicts tenant demand 6-9 months ahead of leasing activity. It also enables landlords and their agents to identify prospective tenants 3-4 months before they begin physically touring assets.

These predictive insights are unprecedented for the industry, allowing landlords to aggressively compete for tenants and build the most informed asset and investment strategy.

These advancements bring a host of new analytics to VTS’ existing data product, including expanding VTS Data, commercial real estate’s only real-time data and insights, to the London market. The expansion enables international owners, operators and investors to compare cities in the US, where VTS Data already operates, to London, giving a direct view into how the world’s two largest and most influential markets are currently performing.

Ryan Masiello, Chief Strategy Officer of VTS, said “The future of office, including how tenants explore the market, has been completely redefined. With prospective tenants looking at space online 90-120 days before physically engaging in the search process and touring 53% less space in-person than they did pre-COVID, it’s now paramount landlords prospect in the most effective way possible to capture leads before they become available to the general market and stand out.

“VTS 4, powered by the VTS Demand Model, moves customers into a new era of predictive data, providing the actionable insights needed for landlords to anticipate future demand and get ahead of attracting tenants, allowing them to compete and win in today’s market.”

The VTS Demand Model aggregates data around three key areas of the VTS Platform: real-time supply and demand data, marketing analytics, and pricing data. This bundle provides decision-makers with the best information available while marketing a space, engaging with prospective tenants, navigating the lease process, and servicing tenants once they’re in the building.

Ben Brown, Managing Partner and Head of the Americas, Brookfield Real Estate, said “With demand beginning to rebound, having a 360-view of the market with predictive analytics has never been more important for landlords as we look to provide our teams with the right tools to prospect aggressively, know what’s coming in the market, and build and execute our strategy.

“With the launch of VTS 4, VTS has become the industry’s only source-of-truth for predictive demand data, providing a critical informational advantage in knowing which tenants will enter the market, marketing available space to them, and benchmarking performance against competitors.”

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