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PROPTECH-X : News Roundup – Seven Days of Articles & Analysis

Inventory Reporting Software on the Cheap Cheap!

Increasingly the wisdom of the expert human seems to be outgunned by our artificial friends who seem to know instantly the answer to all of our questions. With Bard (Google Deep Mind), GPT-4 & Codex (OpenAI), Claude (Anthropic), BlenderBot (MetaAI). Lex (AWS) and ChatGPT4o to name but a few. But in reality those who know, know and in the world of Lettings Sian Hemming Metcalfe is the definitive oracle, and here is why.

Sian is a director and runs The Metcalfe Partnership, is Operations Director of InventoryBase & Property Inspect UK, and in her spare time acts as an Advisory to ARLA Propertymark and is an Ambassador for Propertymark Trust. Which means she is an expert in her field, hugely regarded in the industry, always happy to give advice and help with a smile. 

But Sian’s biggest quality is her ability to get people to stop and think about things, and though the following is ‘just’ an off the cuff post on Linkedin that I saw recently, it shows that though technology, even artificial intelligence can leverage things – it is actually being a human who works in the industry at a deep level for many years that gives clarity about important things. 

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Roome founders fix University lettings problem 

Having met 1,000 proptech founders, critiqued over 400 decks, worked with 120 founders as clients and written six million words on the digital transformation of real estate, it takes a lot to get me excited as I have seen it all.

But every so often I meet people whose energy and vision shines out, and having met James Buck & Owen Redman joint Founders of Roome I felt like I had been tag teamed by a force of nature. Their service is all about transforming student lives through seamless housing connections whilst empowering universities to support students with off-campus accommodation.

The following piece though is James Buck’s (Pictured – R) powerful own words about the Why? And the How? He and Owen Redman (Pictured -L) modernised University lettings for the student and helped the Universities at the same time. As James explains it all began with their own experience,  

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Simon Whale joins Made Snappy 360’s Board 

Made Snappy 360 announces the appointment of Simon Whale to its Board of Directors. Simon brings a wealth of industry expertise and leadership to the position, enhancing the company’s strategic vision and operational capabilities, particularly within the lettings sector.

Simon Whale is widely recognised for his influential role in the Proptech landscape. As the founder of Kerfuffle, a prominent Proptech supplier marketplace, he has empowered countless estate and letting agents by connecting them with the best technology solutions. Additionally, Simon serves on the boards of Prospector Pro and Agents Giving, further solidifying his reputation as a pivotal figure in the industry.

In his own words, Simon Whale expressed his enthusiasm about joining Made Snappy 360: “I am excited to join the Made Snappy board, leveraging my experience to drive innovation and foster growth. Together, we aim to deliver unparalleled value and service to our clients.”

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