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Coadjute launches Digital Property Data Packs to streamline property transactions

Coadjute, the leading property technology company, has today announced the launch of its Digital Property Data Pack service, which is set to significantly decrease property transaction times and drive innovation across the industry. 

Designed to simplify property transactions by automatically collating data from a wide variety of trusted sources, the Digital Property Data Pack enables sellers to complete the form and share the data electronically with other parties involved in the transaction.

The Digital Property Data Pack is designed to comprehensively cover the requirements of the relevant form types including the Home Buying and Selling Group BASPI form and includes all important information about a property including its history, ownership, and legal status.   

The data is rapidly and automatically populated from a wide range of third-party sources, including HM Land Registry, Sprift, and Groundsure. 

This information is then collated into a standard easy-to-read format that can be reviewed and shared between buyers, sellers, estate agents, conveyancers and others over the Coadjute network.

Coadjute’s Digital Property Data Pack contains five key innovations:

Aurelius acquire TM Group

‘TM Group, the UK’s leading provider of data and technology services to the property market, is pleased to announce the sale of the business to AURELIUS, a pan-European alternative investment firm with global reach focused on private equity, private debt and real estate. This partnership marks an exciting new chapter for TM Group, as it continues to streamline the property transaction for the benefit of all.

The sale will conclude the undertakings entered into following the decision of the UK Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) that the acquisition of TM Group by Dye & Durham, originally agreed in July 2021, would have reduced competition for the provision of property searches in England and Wales. Throughout this period of uncertainty, TM Group has continued to successfully run and grow its business, focusing on developing forward-thinking solutions to enhance and accelerate property transactions.

Work, how we do it and where we do it is changing, will it be office based or a hybrid version – we have some answers.

Back in February I was lucky enough to host the two day conference at the London Proptech Show, where speakers from around the globe gave insights into specific areas of excellence. There were also a number of panels, and I moderated a discussion on ‘Hybrid Offices – workplaces for modern occupiers.

Members of the panel were Benjamin O’Connor Director of New London architecture, Jakob Schultz Executive Advisor to the German Proptech Inniative, Hannah Dwyer EMEA Head of Work Dynamics Research & Strategy JLL and Lewis Martin – who now is Director at LMC Delivering Executive Search & Talent solutions to the climate technology ecosystem.

The Proptech-X Weekly Roundup in association with Estate Agent Networking.

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