PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’ Weekly Roundup: 3Di Systems tech plan for local government | Coadjute – Property Data Trust Framework | Shoosmiths solicitors rebrands to Swiitch but why?

A roundup of the week’s top proptech and property news in association with Estate Agent Networking.

Rajiv Desai CEO of 3Di Systems, gives a stateside analysis on how to construct a comprehensive technology plan for local government.

‘Local governments today face countless new challenges, from public safety issues and insufficient resources to misinformation and data security concerns. A purpose-driven government technology roadmap can address these challenges by allowing staff to do more with less, engaging residents more effectively, and helping prove your accountability to the community:

  • Embracing technology enables you to enhance the accessibility of information, facilitating transparency and accountability, and ensuring the public stays informed and engaged.
  • Modern technology allows for easier collaboration between staff, the community, and other stakeholders, fostering an inclusive environment that encourages active participation.
  • By reducing manual tasks and automating data flows, local governments can allocate resources more effectively and better serve their communities.

This much might be apparent to most local governments, but what’s less clear is how to get started. That’s why we’ve created this guide, to help you build your roadmap for a technology-enabled government.

Coadjute gives insight into the Property Data Trust Framework v2.0 and what it means for the property industry. 

First published on the 23rd of May 2023, on the Coadjute Website.

Full disclosure, Coadjute are a client of my company Proptech-PR ‘A consulatancy for Proptech founders’ – but with my other hat on as owner of this publication it is very important that people in the property industry fully understand the seismic shift in how things are going to be done, and who is leading that charge. Here in his own words John Reynolds COO at Coadjute gives a great summation of a topic that a lot of people are talking about,

‘The Home Buying & Selling Technology Group (HB&SG) just unveiled v2.0 of the Property Data Trust Framework. What this announcement sets out are the key requirements for data providers, data users and trust entities to facilitate secure and seamless sharing of property data. As one of the main contributors to the open code base, Coadjute has had a significant role in this transformation.

Shoosmiths solicitors have rebranded to Swiitch to freshen up the brand, a move unveiled by Suman Dally head of conveyancing.

Speaking as a person who has known Shoosmiths and dealt with them for many years in estate agency conveyancing and as a private client I am unsure why this move has been taken. I know we live in the wold of Pwc (PricewaterhouseCoopers) and EY (Ernest & Young) but Swiitch, what does that even mean or convey?

In my day job, growing property technology companies, and it is no different to growing anything Brand is everything. For example when the Connells Group acquired the assets of Countrywide, did they rebrand no. When Charles Dunstone acquired Purplebricks did he rebrand no. So why in the name of God ruin a multi-million brand. And on that whoever sold the idea of using Swiitch to Shoosmiths maybe should have taken 30-seconds to look who was using the brand already.

Shoosmiths may have trade marked the name, but someone else has already done so too – monplanswiitch which has trademarked the term swiitch though it does have the second i upside down.

There is a swiitch App, which sells second hand mobiles, then there is The Swiitch Ltd who does hairdressing, and the Switchchangeagency – digital marketing, the list goes on and many have websites – you guessed it Swiitch.

The Proptech-X Weekly Roundup in association with Estate Agent Networking.

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