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PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & News’ Weekly Roundup: Propertymark | Doorsteps | Price Increase | Cannabis grown in rental

Housing market overheats with 13%+ annual price increase

They say the property market goes from boom to bust…let us hope this is not the case. Nationwide has just produced figures suggesting that, in the last year, property prices have risen by 13.4%.

As an estate agent who knew the 1988 boom, where nearly two million people bought a property in one year, double the usual amount, it worries me. Then followed four years of the most difficult market I experienced for the next 30 years.

Propertymark strengthens its board room team

It looks like Propertymark is making all the right moves with the appointment of two key non-executive directors, Paul Helmsley and Karen MacArthur. The two will be adding their insight and experience, helping new CEO Nathan Emerson bring his vision alive.

Huge uptick as more tenants register for a new property to rent

According to the most recent data by ARLA, the average number of new tenants registering their needs to rent a property surged by 12%. If this continues, May 2021 could show as much as a 30% increase year on year.

The wrong type of Green Tenant grows a big problem for letting agent

Anisi Hamollari was sentenced to 18-months in prison for growing cannabis in a rented property in Exeter. Sadly, it is not unusual that this type of crime happens, causing many questions to be asked.

One feature of the trial was the fact that Hamollari tried to bribe the upstanding letting agent with £7,000, to overlook the canopy of green foliage stashed in the residence.

Doorsteps CEO Akshay Ruparelia resigns

Is the online agent party over? Akshay Ruparelia has been shown the door.

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