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Proptech-X is a digital publication hoping to inform, innovate and influence, driving digital innovation in the industry and propelling real estate into the stratosphere.

Our content reaches thousands of readers each month, many of whom are property professionals and decision-makers. We would like you to share your industry expertise with the proptech community, contributing to the debate.

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We’re currently looking for the following types of content, but are always open to suggestions:

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How it works:

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  • Submissions should be at least 600 words and no more than 2000 words.
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  • If we need any further information we may follow up with you.

So, if you are keen to share your expertise with the Proptech-X community and would like to have your voice heard, please fill out the submission form.

We believe in an open marketplace of ideas and equal opportunities for all, so we welcome contributors from every background and every level of an organisation. All we ask is that you’re connected to real estate or proptech in some way, and wish to provide enriching, informative content.

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