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PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’: tlyfe – the new, easy way for tenants to improve their renting experience

TDS is excited to announce the launch of the UK’s most pioneering tenant lifecycle app, in partnership with prop tech disruptor OpenBrix.

tlyfe’s goal is to take the stress out of the move in process and help manage the entire lifecycle of a tenancy. With unique benefits to tenants and agents, tlyfe allows tenants to view and manage their tenancy deposits, delivering a UK first.

By integrating with other industry products, tlyfe offers functionality that covers a range of benefits. The features of the app include verified digital ID verification, right-to-rent checks at the click of a button,  a low-cost tenant loan solution providing flexibility around their finances, an interactive move in process, and auto document storage.

In addition to these features, tlyfe can also help tenants build their credit rating. The app keeps an ongoing digital record of all rental payments, and provided they are paid on time, tlyfe can help to build a tenant’s credit score by allowing tenants to add these payments to their rental histories.

tlyfe is available exclusively to TDS customers free of charge. For more information on tlyfe and to sign-up today, click on the [following link].

Steve Harriott, Group Chief Executive Officer at TDS, comments:

tlyfe is a ground-breaking new tenant app that will help tenants manage their deposit and renting experience in a different, better way. This will undoubtedly make life easier for our customers. We’re really excited about introducing tlyfe to our tenants.

Adam Piggott, Chief Executive Officer at OpenBrix, comments:

Thanks to this unique collaboration with industry leader TDS, the release of tlyfe will make a real difference to tenants and give them a huge advantage when managing their rentals. To ensure tylfe is aligned with government policy, many of the features have been developed  following discussions with the Department of Levelling Up, Housing  and Communities (DLUHC).

Andrew Stanton, founder of Proptech-PR, adds:

“It is brilliant to see that tlfye a tenant lifecycle App developed by Openbrix is now going to power the UX of a huge number of tenants, agents and other stakeholders due to a large strategic partnership with the TDS. Allowing literally millions of tenants access to the App as it is being offered for free.

“Over the years I have been lucky enough to see Adam Pigott CEO of Openbrix and his team develop their tlyfe offering which centres on tenants being able access and view their tenancy deposits, plus a number of other features which are hosted from other topflight rental service focused technology companies. I may seem biased as Openbrix was one of our original clients, but their technology thanks to co-founder and CIO Shahad Choudhury is second to none.     

“The TDS have always been forward thinking and handling over 2.4M deposits, they needed to partner with a solution that is reliable, really adds value, and has been built out with a tenant centric DNA, understanding the need of the end user.

“I see this strategic partnership as being a prime example of where a proptech company has developed a very sophisticated universal tool and just needs a distribution base, and a large operation needing to keep up with the demands of the tech savvy consumer understands the value of that tool – tlfye –  a win for both.”

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