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PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’: The Guild revolutionises memberships to suit all agent needs | Keychain platform modernises mortgage brokers interactions

The Guild revolutionises Membership Plans to suit all agent needs

The Guild of Property Professionals has announced today that it will be launching a tiered membership offering, providing Members with the option of selecting between three plans based on their business needs and service requirements. The Guild Plans will offer a Standard, Enhanced, and Premium option, with each package building onto the offering of its predecessor.

According to Iain McKenzie, CEO of The Guild of Property Professionals, with the acquiring several proptech businesses over the past two years, The Guild has been able to enhance its membership offering, and is now able to provide a holistic, full-service plan that encompasses everything an agent would need to successfully grow their business and thrive in any market.

“The Guild already offered a comprehensive membership plan, however, there were certain proptech services that weren’t included and would need to be outsourced. Through partnerships and acquisitions, we are now able to bring those elements into the fold and offer them within our membership, providing both cost-saving and more value to our network,” he adds.

“Every decision we make at The Guild is based on three principles, which is for independent estate and lettings agents to make money, save money and remain compliant. Pitched at three levels, the plans ensure that agents are able to choose the right level of support, tools and services for their business to help them realise potential revenue and market share,” says McKenzie.

“Detailed workings and modelling have been completed to ensure that The Guild Plans encompass the right products and services at the right price point for the needs of our Members. The plans offer more choice for our Members will regard to their membership, having the option to move to a higher tier, should they require further services for their strategic business growth.”

Kris McLean, MD of The Guild of Property Professionals explains that the top-tier, Premium Plan would consist of every tool and service an agent would need to thrive and grow their business. He notes that all plans are shaped around using The Guild to differentiate an agent from their competition.

“In addition to the vast array of elements included in the Standard Plan, the Enhanced Plan, will incorporate aspects such as access to the automated prospecting service for on-market data for sales and lettings for two postcode districts, Google Maps SEO, email marketing solution, and a quarterly mystery shop. The Premium Plan would include an additional postcode district for the Auto Prospecting System, as well as a managed communication service (including emails and social media marketing), and a Guild Member website,” he adds.

According to McKenzie, if the wide variety of invaluable tools included in each of the membership packages were purchased separately from third-party suppliers, it would cost agents thousands each month. “However, moving these elements under the membership umbrella greatly reduces the cost and will assist our network to save money without sacrificing on service to the clients.

With proptech elements now integrated into the organisation, as well as the size and influence of the network affording us the opportunity to negotiate preferential deals with third party suppliers, we are helping to put money back in our Members pockets. Rather than paying for fragmented services, it makes sense for property professionals to join a network such as The Guild and get the exclusivity, the referrals, the income-generating tools, legal advice, and compliance all under one roof for a set monthly fee,” he concludes.

To find out how much you could save through a Guild Membership email or visit    

Keychain Unveils Innovative Platform for Mortgage Brokers to Modernise Client Interactions 

Keychain is rolling out its cutting-edge digital platform for mortgage brokers and their clients. The platform enhances mortgage transactions by modernising key interactions between brokers and clients, including fact finding, document sharing, and e-signing of client care documents.

Keychain’s platform boasts custom workflows tailored to each transaction type. Over the last 18-months the company has worked closely with a group of brokers to develop the product and  refine these workflows, ensuring easy and efficient data collection across all clients, from straightforward first-time buyer cases to more involved portfolio landlord transactions.

The company recently secured backing from the Land Registry as part of the Geovation accelerator programme, which supports firms focused on improving property transactions. The programme features financial support of over £100k and access to Land Registry data. Keychain was founded by Jack Rogers, a former Bank of England economist, and Ivan Sivukha, an experienced software engineer.

Jack Rogers, the founder of Keychain, stated:

“There are thousands of fantastic mortgage advisors across the country who guide their clients through life’s most significant financial transaction. We identified a market gap for a software solution that seamlessly integrates into existing ways of working, enabling brokers and their clients to efficiently share the data and documents required for the advice journey. Keychain allows brokers to focus on providing advice rather than admin tasks.”

Jack and Ivan were inspired to start the business after witnessing first-hand the negative impact of paper-based processes on their own mortgage advice experience. “The only negative aspect of working with my broker was how painful it was to share information. I didn’t enjoy filling out a 15-page Word document!” Jack recalls.

Richard Messinger of Eden Associates, a mortgage broker based in Surrey, said: “We’ve moved to a more remote client process over the last few years and have continually faced the issue of clients not completing all required information sharing, which takes significant effort on our part to address. Keychain’s solution has made the process far more efficient and professional for us as advisers and improved the client experience.”

To learn more about Keychain and its transformative platform, visit 

Keychain is a revolutionary digital platform transforming property transactions for brokers, solicitors and their clients. The platform is a client portal which covers key parts of the mortgage advice journey, in particular the exchange of information and documents  between brokers and their clients. 

The platform makes the mortgage advice journey paperless, and customers and brokers benefit from the user centric nature of the platform. 15 page word document fact finds, used widely across the industry, are replaced with an online form which can be filled out easily from anywhere, with a large number of homebuyers and remortgagers using the platform entirely on mobile. Clients can also share and e-sign documents on the platform.

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