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PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’: EU proptech iDWELL launches in the UK | TDS announces deposit protection integration

European proptech iDWELL launches in the United Kingdom 

European proptech company iDWELL, a leading light for the next generation of digital property management solutions, is launching in the UK following a steady expansion across the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) where over 900,000 apartments are already being managed with iDWELL’s CRM and its corresponding customer app.

Founded in Vienna in 2017, iDWELL is one of the DACH region’s leading digital communication platforms for property managers. It features a unique integrated maintenance ticketing system and has recently received a Series A investment from London-based technology venture capitalist Flashpoint.

Expansion into the UK market is the next logical step after the company has forged great European success thanks to its powerful features, such as maintenance ticketing, full email and communication integration, automated workflow and separate landlord- and tenant-facing apps.

Within the next few years, iDWELL will be the leading digital solution for the Property Management Sector in Europe.

The Austrian proptech digitises complex and time-consuming administrative work and communication in property management. The company was founded in May 2017 by Alexander Roth who graduated in Business Administration. 

In 2018, the company received a seven-figure investment from Gateway Ventures (formerly primeCROWD) and won the Innovation Challenge of the Vienna University of Technology and Austrian Real Estate Association (ÖVI) in 2019. 

The company already serves well-known customers in Europe, like Otto Real Estate in association with Knight Frank, and Zurich Real Estate. In order to initiate its expansion outside the DACH region, a mid-single-digit million amount was collected from international investors.

Alex Roth, Founder & CEO of iDWELL, says: “Our powerful CRM platform, exclusively developed for the property management sector, has the potential to grow internationally, and we’re thrilled that we are now available in the UK.

“We will offer close support to property managers when transferring over to our product, digitising their processes and making them more efficient in order to save time, resources and money. 

“The feedback from our first UK customers and appointments has been excellent, so we are looking forward to supporting more customers to solve their issues and help their business grow.”

Alex Abbott, Leader of iDWELL’s UK team, says: “iDWELL is an outstanding product and ideal for the UK market where digitisation in the property management market is a big topic. We’re confident that this is exactly the right time to be launching and that iDWELL is now the best property management CRM on the UK market.”

TDS announces API integration with MRI Software to streamline deposit protection for agents

Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), the not-for-profit, government-backed tenancy deposit protection scheme has announced its integration with MRI Software, a global leader in real estate solutions, to automate tenancy deposit registrations and reduce the time letting agents spend on data entry.

API Proptech saving agents significant time in tenancy deposit admin.

Before TDS API, setting up deposits was a time-consuming process in which agents had to manually copy their client deposit data from their CRM platforms to deposit platforms. Now, agents no long have to input this data themselves. 

The TDS PropTech transfers the data at a click of a button, removing time lost duplicating tenancy deposit entries, reducing inaccuracies and giving agents more time back to spend growing their business. 

Sean Slack, Vice President of Partner Connect at MRI Software, comments:

“The need to either insure or place deposits into a deposit protection scheme is a legal requirement. MRI has worked with TDS for many years, and the latest iteration of the integration means that our mutual clients benefit from less double keying between systems, generating cost savings, time savings, and data accuracy.”

Real estate software that transforms the way we live, work and play

MRI Sales and Lettings provides agencies with an integrated sales, lettings, property management and accounting platform that can be accessed from any device. It offers a streamlined user experience to enable agents to increase accuracy, improve communications between landlords and residents, and gain low-risk entry into the build-to-rent market.

Through innovative solutions and a rich partner ecosystem, MRI gives real estate companies the freedom to realise their vision of building thriving communities and stronger businesses.

MRI Sales and Lettings provides your team with a platform that matches the modern look and feel that consumers expect from leading brands and can be accessed from any device.

Partnering with the best

Steve Harriott, CEO of Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), comments:

“MRI has been a leader in the PropTech sector, offering more than two million customers worldwide innovative solutions in a rapidly changing market. We are delighted to have MRI Software partner with the TDS API, aiding with our objective of improving the PRS and making the lives of our customers easier.”

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