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PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’: Coadjute tie-up with LexisNexis | Fine & Country’s NFT real estate

Fine & Country Richmond launches new property with NFT

PRESS RELEASE: Premium estate agency, Fine & Country Richmond, the business that launched the world’s first super prime real estate NFT, has partnered with developers Burbeck Capital, part of the family run Burbeck Group, to launch another unique property that will exist in both the real world and the digital one. 

Located in Barnes, SW13, the property, which is called Birch Brooke, is positioned as the final property of Rosslyn Avenue, on the verge of the Beverley Brook River. Described by the developer as one of West London’s most unique properties, the four-bedroom home is modern and elegant in its design yet ideal for family living and entertaining.

Sean Barrett, Managing Director of Fine & Country Richmond, says that home has a contemporary unilateral layout that offers the highest standard of fit out and interior design. “The interior design of the home will feature a hands-on, bespoke fit out ensuring that every material meets the highest expectations. Burbeck Capital is renowned for their exceptionally high standards, with their last development designed by Burbeck Interiors winning both the Best Residential Renovation / Redevelopment in London,as well as Best Residential Renovation / Redevelopment for the overall United Kingdom category at wider UK at the UK Property Awards 2021,” he says. “Some key features include handmade bespoke joinery, underfloor heating, and designer feature lighting. While form as been at the forefront of the home’s design, function has not been neglected.  A fully fitted air flow ventilation system and air source heat pump will ensure the home is not only designed to the highest standards but continues to perform at this level too.”

Barrett continues, “aside from the four bedrooms, the home offers two ensuites, and a long entrance hall leading to a large open-plan kitchen living room. A dual aspect indoor/outdoor fireplace takes centre stage, with the outdoor kitchen and barbeque area at the rear creating additional space for entertaining.”

Jack Willcocks, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Burbeck Interiors, says: “At Burbeck we have always sought innovative and exciting projects, and work towards creating architecturally unique and beautiful properties that also prioritise function. Our passion for property led us to establish our holistic approach to design; Barnes Riverside is a development by Burbeck Capital with interiors by our award-winning sister company, Burbeck Interiors.

We are delighted to partner with Fine and Country Richmond on this project, they share our enthusiasm for innovation, supported by a strong foundation of knowledge in the property sector. For us, the collaboration on launching an NFT reflects an extension of our overall design, a metaverse piece of art that is also a digital asset.”

Barrett notes that as this home is unique in its design, it lends itself to being turned into a non-fungible token (NFT). “The NFT will be created to the exact specifications of the physical property, with the buyer of the physical property will be given the first rights of refusal on the purchase of the NFT. While owning a property within the metaverse is a relatively new concept, the market has been growing and continues to gain momentum. As I mentioned when we launched the previous property NFT, despite the recency of the metaverse innovation, according to a recent poll in YouGov, 29% of the population think that being able to own digital assets such as NFTs or virtual property and land in the Metaverse is a huge opportunity attracting investors around the world,” says Barrett.

“As the demand for virtual property and land grows, we will continue to see more and more properties that will be built in both physical and virtual worlds. Most of us have heard the expression attributed to Mark Twain – buy land, they’re not making it anymore. Purchasing virtual property is opening up new real estate opportunities for investors looking for something unique,” he concludes.

Birch Brooke will be launched on 13 July 2022. For more information about the property or the launch event contact

LexisNexis and Coadjute partner speeding property market digital transformation

PRESS RELEASE: LONDON, 28 June 2022 – Coadjute, the blockchain network for the property market that is transforming the ease and speed of home purchasing, has joined forces with LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, a leading provider of a flexible technology platform that powers optimised legal service delivery, as its national rollout continues.

This landmark strategic alliance is a significant development for the Coadjute network – launched to market in July last year – as it looks to improve the home-buying experience across the UK. 

With both organisations driven to improve the outcomes and efficacy of the home buying process, the opportunity to unify the best of automation and process optimisation with the underlying motorway of blockchain has the genuine potential to transform the way in which home buying and selling is delivered.

Together, they can help address the challenges that have long been posed in real-time communication and secure data sharing across multiple stakeholders.

LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions and Coadjute unveiled the new strategic alliance today at the Bold Legal Group Summer Conference in Regents Park, London, during a keynote talk titled ‘Embracing Digitalisation: the risks and opportunities presented by new technology’.

Simon Farthing, Commercial and Marketing Director, LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, said: 

“As a market-leading provider of technology to the property sector, it is vital we innovate to remain at the forefront of the legal industry, so we are delighted to have established an exciting strategic alliance with Coadjute.

“Together, we will strive to accelerate the digitisation of the property market to ensure a smoother transaction process through interactive online engagement, fewer staged touchpoints and greater efficiency from the conveyancing process.

“The days of a partially digitised property transaction process are numbered, and we are looking forward to collaborating with Coadjute and leveraging our combined deep experience and capability to transform the way in which Conveyancing services are delivered.”

A connection to the Coadjute Network will enable LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions to provide customers with the opportunity to participate in next-generation multi-party digital workflows that span multiple systems and businesses, taking advantage of a truly digital marketplace.

Dan Salmons, Chief Executive Officer, Coadjute, said: 

“We couldn’t be more delighted to be partnering with LexisNexis. They have always been at the forefront of digital transformation helping conveyancing firms to digitise and transform internal operations to optimise the service they provide to consumers.

“The potential of this relationship is huge, and not just for LexisNexis customers, but also for the wider impact it will have on the digitisation of the property market.”

Cécile Papin, Partner Lead, Conveyancing, Coadjute, said: 

“This new development brings together LexisNexis’ technology and our innovative network so that users of the LexisNexis platform can benefit from a wide range of new connected capabilities.”

Announcement of this strategic alliance follows last year’s £6m funding round for Coadjute led by Praetura Ventures and backed by multiple US and European VCs. This investment has paved the way for the organisation to expand sales and marketing activities and its operational team, bringing mortgage brokers and lenders onto the network, and introducing new services such as the movement of digital identities, mortgage funds and property titles.

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