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Addland integrates what3words to provide the most accurate site assessments.

Addland, the largest dedicated land platform, making it easy to find, research buy, or sell land, has activated what3words across our service.

We are laser-focused on delivering the most accurate land assessment data. And now we’ve made it easy to find or research any piece of land quickly when you’re out and about.

Say hello to accurate site assessments

When out assessing a site or property, simply use a what3words location to identify where you are and use it to search within research on Addland. You’ll be taken to the relevant land polygon, together with all the associated data.

Does a flood zone intersect the land? Where does the public right of way cross? How close is Ancient Woodland? All these answers are at your fingertips to make an initial assessment. And for professional members, instant access to local planning, valuation, ownership and terrain data. Down to the precision of a 3mx3m square.

Say hello to accurate land finding

In addition to postcode or location, you can now search by a precise what3words location to identify if there is land for sale in your immediate area.

Andrew Smith, Chief Customer Officer, says: “We’re constantly forging ahead with functionality to enhance our customers’ lives and make land easy. Seamless integration of what3words means that wherever you are, you can access relevant land data in seconds, confident in the knowledge that all data is associated with the official Land Registry land polygon and powered by trusted sources.”

Say hello to Adddland free for 3 months

Tell us one of the 3 closest land considerations to this what3words address pin and we’ll enter you into the draw to win one of three Addland Professional memberships for 3 months.

T&C’s: All draw entries must be received by 31st August 2022. Three winners will be selected at random to win an Addland Professional membership for 3 months. Current customers will have their account credited.

Addland. Making land easy.

US PROPTECH NEWS: CoreLogic’s Multi-year Alliance with Google Cloud Enables New Product Launch

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CoreLogic©, a leading global property data and analytics-driven solutions provider, has announced an extended relationship with Google Cloud to support the launch of its new CoreLogic Discovery Platform™. Fully built on Google Cloud’s secure and sustainable infrastructure, Discovery Platform provides a comprehensive property analytics environment and cloud-based data exchange for businesses across multiple sectors.

“CoreLogic and Google Cloud solved a significant challenge in the lag-time required to spin up data analytics workbenches that could be preloaded with nationwide data assets, models, libraries and software and self-service training”

Discovery Platform allows businesses — including CoreLogic’s core markets of property and real estate technology, mortgage lenders, marketers and insurance firms — to discover, integrate, analyze and model property insights to make critical business decisions faster. The multi-year relationship between CoreLogic and Google Cloud enables the development of a scalable platform built with several Google Cloud services including DataprocBigQueryAnthos and Cloud Run to manage the data science workloads for predictive and prescriptive analytics. BigQuery is the petabyte-scale backend for the platform, enabling comprehensive property data views built from a wide array of CoreLogic and third-party data sets. Dataproc powers Discovery Platform facilitating advanced analytics and data science at scale.

Typically, companies with data engineers and scientists spend weeks and even months on data wrangling before reaching the insights needed to drive business growth or mitigate risks. Through the collaboration with Google Cloud, CoreLogic’s Discovery Platform provides a fully secure and compliant environment with relevant data, tools, security, and governance. Using CoreLogic data models and insights allows companies to deploy secure and compliant data analytics workflows within minutes, thereby speeding up the delivery of mission-critical insights.

“CoreLogic and Google Cloud solved a significant challenge in the lag-time required to spin up data analytics workbenches that could be preloaded with nationwide data assets, models, libraries and software and self-service training,” said John Rogers, chief innovation officer of CoreLogic. “Together, we were able to look at every part of the process—from onboarding to ingestion of data, modeling and exposure of that insight to the businesses’ operational platform—and cut the lag-time down by more than 50% to give clients access to the insights they need to move the needle on their business faster and easier than ever before.”

“I’m excited to see our alliance with Google Cloud flourishing,” said Patrick Dodd, president and CEO of CoreLogic. “We’re providing a state-of-the-art analytical platform for our client’s mission-critical processes. Discovery Platform is born from a growing alliance of two major industry innovators. I see the future horizons our research and development product teams are working on, and I am excited to see what’s next.”

“We value working with companies like CoreLogic to develop innovative technology solutions and services that enhance customer experience and deliver insights faster,” said Zac Maufe, global head of Financial Services Solutions at Google Cloud.“Our collaboration will support CoreLogic’s clients’ needs and enable the delivery of more comprehensive and efficient solutions for businesses in the real estate finance market.”

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