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Written by Andrew Stanton Editor – Proptech-X

During my working day I wear a few different hats, mentor, consultant, influencer and of course Journalist and of course ex-real estate practitioner. Today see below, I have taken a position with a newly branded, hugely financed enterprise that is looking to do the same thing I always talk of, helping people in real estate do the day job with better tools created in the 2020s.

I am a huge advocate of moving agency forward, and if this terrible has any silver lining, it is that software, excellent solutions and people is the trio of things that will make life easier for, both people in the property industry and those people who want to buy sell, let, lease, build plan and asset manage property at speed.

Real estate in the UK, both in the residential and commercial verticals is having to get its digital ducks in a row, and also quickly rethink its business models as agile new businesses seem to be springing up everywhere, and it will be technology powering all of them, much like our common banking experience now. People are at the heart of real estate and will remain so, but by 2030 the whole landscape of ‘how people’ do real estate will have advanced. Luckily I get to play just a small part in that story.

If any property technology or fintech founders would like to know more about nurtur, I am available 24/7.

Just call 07535 029676 or email me at, I will be happy to give you more information in strictest confidence.

Andrew Stanton, CEO & Founder Proptech-PR & Proptech-X

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Press Release: Epropservices rebrands to

Networks, technology and innovation

epropservices, the branding and technology provider to the property sector, has announced today that it will be rebranding and operating under the name

During 2021, with the backing of its principal shareholder Toscafund, epropservices acquired Starberry, The Property Jungle and more recently, LeadPro. These acquisitions significantly enhanced the organisation’s digital and lead generation offering, while helping to position it as one of the country’s leading proptech providers.

Jon Cooke, CEO of, comments: “With the new businesses joining the group, we required a new cohesive identity that fully represented both the mission of the group and the specialist service providers within it. Our plan is to accelerate proptech development and widen the availability of innovative digital products that will propel our business and our customers forward as the sector embraces digitalisation.

“We believe that the property industry is just at the start of the digitalisation of the home-moving process and the role of digital marketing, online lead generation and management will continue to increase in importance as the estate agency model evolves. We are a future-ready business and will work closely with our customers to drive innovation. I would like to thank Toscafund for their continued support as committed investors as we grow and develop the group.”

“The aim of the business is to connect leading technology products to our nationwide membership network and agents, helping property professionals select the tech that works best for them within a single ecosystem that works with just one login,” he adds. was created to help launch and scale the technology that will transform the property business, bringing enormous benefits to agents and everyone in the sector. “Alongside our technology and networks, we will also be driving innovation through our Accelerator Programme, which is an investment arm funded by the group. Companies joining the programme get a direct route to our agent network, advice from our board industry advisors and mentors, and integration into our technology platform.”

According to Cooke, the accelerator fund will make it easier for innovators to launch their technology and connect it to a vast network of ready agents, with reliable and experienced advisors by their side who are invested in their success. He adds that a huge advantage of the Accelerator Programme is access to’s team of experts.

“Our accelerator fund is led by Gary Barker, who has 20 years of experience delivering innovative technology at Reapit, Connells and Countrywide. Gary is joined by CEO of Starberry, Ben Sellers, selected industry network members, and myself,” says Cooke. “Two non-executive directors, Kefuffle’s Simon Whale and Proptech-PR’s Andrew Stanton add a wealth of knowledge to help our accelerator companies.”

In conclusion, Cooke says: “Through our networks, technology and the accelerator fund, aims to help property businesses develop, grow and succeed as the sector continues to evolve. ”

What is a real estate and proptech influencer anyway?

As well as owning the publication Proptech-X and being the Executive Editor of Estate Agent Networking, and having separately produced over 2,500 articles and written a daily commentary on real estate and property technology, and was an agent for 32-years… I am also an Influencer. 

Before I explain more fully what an influencer is I need to explain that, with the help of my team Ann, Adam, Zara, Ben, plus eight strategic advisors and partners, I have three core day jobs.

The first is growing property technology companies and selling them, by solving the founders’ problems. Sounds interesting doesn’t it, it is the best job in the world. 

The second is we provide a proptech focused, digital transformation consultancy service. A full advisory on developing strategies, and delivery approaches that enhance your business. We partner with clients to transform their organisations, helping them adopt suitable new technology, and build enduring capabilities. 

By increasing revenue, leveraging opportunities, de-risking your present archaic and analogue business model and creating efficiencies. If you’re targeting growth, need to restructure, or just trying to navigate the next five years. Our consultancy provides sound, strategic and operational advisory services to facilitate this.

The third job is being a proptech and real estate influencer – which means in reality I am a micro-influencer with an engaged audience of around 40,000 people who ‘listen’ to what I have to say and enjoy finding out new things as I discuss them. 

On top of that, we have an extensive network of about 1,500 key high-level individuals that we network with annually, pushing the envelope of real estate and helping to modernise the industry. 

The Influencer part of my life is an interesting one, you may be a new or existing business looking to enter or scale up in a certain marketplace. 

You may be a property technology company, a corporate body, or even a large non-profit making association looking to amplify your brand, gain more clients and be front of mind.

But we live in a noisy, crowded, nano-second attention-grabbing digital age, where your fickle, hard to reach, target audience, demands the huge cost of acquisition spends, just to get their momentary attention. 

Your business and service may be the top of the tree, but with no clear differentiator, it could take five very expensive years to reach your target clients at scale.

Our solution at Proptech-PR is to use my personal Influencer Services, because we have a global reach, having already got that huge, engaged audience who trusts and follows me daily. 

Influencer marketing will be worth 30BN by the end of 2022. 

In an arms race of digital spend, intelligent brands realise that if they align with ‘Influencers’ who fit with their products and services, bringing with them a huge network of loyal followers who ‘trust’ the judgement of the influencer – then adoption, and client acquisition, can be done a better, cost-effective way.

Amanda Russell – who wrote ‘The Influencer Code’ is a topflight influencer, who explains that David Beckham might have 45M followers but if he tries to endorse for example Blockchain, his reach will be low, as he is not feted as being the top person in the know in this vertical. 

Amanda makes the point you can’t become an influencer overnight. Having spent six years at the hard edge I see that intuitively I have carved a niche, where I straddle both real estate and property technology and people trust my word. She says there are four types of influencers; –

Celebrity – People known through name recognition and popularity – tick

Authority –People who influence through their role or position – being in the top 10 out of 3,400+ global Proptech Influencers and having authored numerous published articles in all verticals. Having 21,000+ engaged Linkedin connections, 85% in C-suite as my audience – tick

Expertise –36-years-in real estate, six-years researching and advocating Proptech and moving the industry forward; having met over 500-Proptech founders, with 20+ meetings a month with new Proptech companies UK and global, I know a great deal about what is going on. 

Also having had 93-Proptech Founders as clients, helping them to scale up, means we know an awful lot about getting from MVP to exit – tick

Affinity –Those who influence through their pre-existing relationship of trust, based on personal relationships – huge tick

Endorsement –Advocacy – 1:1 within the c-suite, across social media and publications, as editor, writer and thought leader. We couple my trusted and high-level brand with your brand, shortening sales cycles. 

Being an influencer if often about turning up the volume, it can be a tweet across my 40,000 audience, or a Linkedin post viewed by 13,000 professionals in the property vertical, or a thought leadership article, webinar or my being part of a prime-time panel discussion in front of your key audience hosted by Robert Peston.

It can be my commentary in the Times or the Telegraph, with national readerships. It can be an article in our publication Proptech-X. 

But, equally as important is my Influencer reach, when the volume is dialled down at a micro-level. Just one key message to a Chair, CEO, HNWI, V/C, P/E, from my extensive contact network, could open up a huge opportunity for clients. My ability to connect is legendary.

Being a Your Brand Ambassador – daily I am asked my views on what technologies to utilise, which companies to invest in/work with and what is happening in the real-estate/Proptech landscape. Many times these people asking for my advice are complete strangers, running multi-million dollar/pound enterprises, who trust in my insight and judgement. 

They make contact with me, as my day job is to keep my personal brand top of mind. Imagine if your company was aligned with that brand and within my circle of influence. So the next time you meet me or get on a call or see me at a conference or a meetup, hopefully, I will not have to explain what a ‘Proptech Realestate Influencer means, and that will save us both time. 

Andrew Stanton is the founder and CEO of Proptech-PR, a consultancy for Founders of Proptechs looking to grow and exit, using his influence from decades of industry experience. Separately he is a consultant to some of the biggest names in global real estate, advising on sales and acquisitions, market positioning, and operations. He is also the founder and editor of Proptech-X Proptech & Property News, where his insights, connections and detailed analysis and commentary on proptech and real estate are second to none.

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