News in Brief: YOTI, Propertymark, Zoopla & More (23/06)

Daily bite-sized proptech and real estate news in partnership with Estate Agent Networking. Today, Stanton looks at YOTI, Propertymark, Zoopla, and more news.

Connells & YOTI in tie-up over digital identification

YOTI, who specialise in a digital identity solution, so that everyone can deal with that person knowing they are actually doing so, have recently acquired Connells as a client.

Given the huge amount of duplication in the real estate sector with various stakeholders needing to verify a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant, mortgage or conveyancing client (the list goes on) it looks as though YOTI is positioned to be the trusted partner from now on.

Nathan Emerson, CEO of Propertymark, unveils new CRM and “digital future”

Propertymark has just unveiled its new CRM, enhancing its ability to service its member clients. It is looking closely at the way technology will knit together with the needs of the modern property professional.

In my opinion, Nathan Emerson has put Propertymark on a new and enlightened digital pathway that will enhance value for its membership. His inclusive and attentive policy, together with his insight into the traditional agency and the needs of agents to adapt to a less analogue age (where clients are digital natives expecting service at a faster rate and via multi-channels) is winning hearts and minds.

SearchSmartly raises £1.25m in funding

Based in Shoreditch, London, SearchSmartly is a solution built with artificial intelligence which looks to help the property consumer “do property” in a quicker more intelligent way, has just received a sizeable amount of funding.

Empowering the UX for end-users has always been at the heart of the SearchSmartly proposition, a deeper dive into what the client really wants, means better searching, enhanced matching of tenant or buyer with property, and wins for all.

Chancellors sign a new five-year agreement with Zoopla

Chancellors have renewed their ties with Zoopla, it has just been announced.

Andrew Stanton is the founder of Proptech-PR and Proptech-X. He grows proptech companies using his influence from decades of industry experience and is a consultant to some of the biggest names in global real estate, advising on sales and acquisitions, market positioning, and operations.

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