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Daily bite-sized proptech and real estate news in partnership with Estate Agent Networking. Today, Andrew Stanton looks at Help me Fix, Foxtons, Coadjute, and more.

Help me Fix connects qualified tradespeople via video in triage and mend service 

It has been reported that a video-chat maintenance service connecting tenants to tradespeople over video has seen a marked uptick in new clients. After all, value and efficiency win over the hearts and minds of those in the maintenance sector of lettings.

Ettan Bazil, the founder of Help me Fix, said: “It’s Service as a Software. Help me Fix is a professional service disguised as a piece of software, not the other way around. It saves money for landlords, increases passive income for agents, reduces workload and stress for property managers, and eliminates waiting times for tenants.”

Ettan is a skilled and qualified tradesman in his own right, so he knows what he’s doing. He built the solution having seen first-hand the frustrating process of dealing with maintenance tasks at properties.

The result is a piece of technology that sits in between landlords, property managers, tradespeople and tenants, that gets the right engineer to the right person quickly and efficiently. Game-changer.

Foxtons dumps Chair Ian Barlow due to share price doldrums 

It has been announced that the incumbent Chair of Foxtons, who has been in place for a number of years but has not managed to steer the ship into calm waters, will step down. Perhaps now a new Chair will get on board with a more intuitive grasp of the realities of real estate in the digital age.

Coadjute breaks cover to sell property on the blockchain

I must confess that I do know a great deal about what Coadjute have been up to, and I wish their CEO, Dan Salmons, all the luck. Their tech team, headed up by Founder John Reynolds is second to none.

It is good to see that they have now embarked on a very public working case study with the selling of their first property on their blockchain. I for one genuinely hope that transparency and speed are pulsing through the whole project for all the stakeholders.    

TM Group has a new strategic owner and will stride forward

The TM Group (UK), fronted by a very clever man named Joe Pepper, has lost two shareholders, LSL and Connells. However, it has gained a strategic new owner in the shape of Dye & Durham, a global force based in the US.  

Knowing that there are likely to be further consolidations and alignments where big players look to concentrate their market share, this buyout seems to be a great result for all. Cash for Connells and LSL, and a sole focusing business.

Ministry of Justice wants to hike grant of probate fees 

It has been announced that the Ministry of Justice is looking at ways of making probate applications pay. At present they are a loss leader. The current line of thought is to have a new blanket fee of £273, replacing the present two-banded system. A consultation is in play ending in late September. 

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