10 tips for creating scroll-stopping listing descriptions (with examples)

Manuela Burki, Head of EMEA at Property Raptor shares 10 tips for crafting attention-grabbing property listing descriptions

So you’ve nailed the pricing and have the professional photos ready, and all that’s left to do is to prepare the listing. If you’re tired of the same old listing description advice (we know you don’t need to be told to proofread your listing description!), then this article is for you.

Here are ten tips for drafting scroll-stopping listings – complete with description examples to get your creative juices flowing. 

Don’t revert to cliches or overgeneralisations 

We know, it’s hard to be original. But the extra time you spend drafting original copy is worth its weight in leads. 

Your potential clients are oversaturated with cliches and overgeneralisations. One easy way to solve this is to be specific in the description of the property. Stay away from phrases such as a grand entryway, spacious living room, or modern bathroom. Instead, describe the features specifically. This could be the lighting, the materials used, the original layout, or whatever else characterises the piece. 

Another approach is to describe what the features offer, instead of just the features themselves. For example, instead of saying “the garden offers outdoor seating” you could say “enjoy ample opportunities for al fresco dining in the tranquil corner of the garden”.  

Adapt your choice of keywords to your listing platform of choice 

While keywords serve the same purpose – to help get your listing discovered – you will need to adapt your choice of keywords to your listing platform of choice. 

If you’re publishing the listing on your own website, then prioritise high-ranking keywords within your geographical location. Conduct quarterly keyword searches to understand what local buyers are searching for, and include those in your listing description. Don’t forget to include them in your ALT text and meta descriptions! 

If you’re publishing the listing on a portal, then you will want to prioritise feature keywords that will help match your property to clients’ search criteria. 

Finally, be careful of portals’ different listing rules. For example, some listing portals discourage or penalise descriptions which contain external URL links. 

Listing Description

Use scarcity marketing tactics when drafting the description 

We desire what is desired. Use this to your advantage when drafting your listing description. Identify what is unique or exclusive about your property or neighbourhood.

For example, are outdoor spaces rare in that neighborhood? If you’re listing one of many units in the complex, you can still make it stand out. For example, “only high-floor unit remaining with views over the bay”.

This also creates a sense of urgency which can help incite potential clients to take action. 

Support higher pricing by using higher-end descriptions 

What if you could command higher prices for your homeowners simply by adapting the language you use? Various studies indicate that descriptions associated with luxury command between 5-10% higher prices. 

Think about how you can swap out words, for example, you could replace ‘big’ with words such as magnificent, commanding, stately, and impressive, or the word ‘great’ with words such as coveted, popular, or outstanding. 

Use the listing format to your advantage 

Whether it’s on your own website or a listing portal, it’s likely that you will have different components to your listing. For example, some listing portals like Rightmove in the UK will display a short written summary of the property displayed on the search page.

While you want to grab clients’ attention, you should avoid: 

  • Clickbait headers that exaggerate or provide misleading information; 
  • Duplicating copy from the main description to the summary; 
  • Using caps lock to try and grab attention; 
  • Unnecessary use of exclamation marks!

Instead, you should aim to highlight key features of the property. Think about which property characteristics have helped to win over clients in the past and use positive, descriptive features. 

Make use of every listing element, such as incorporating floorplans, maps, and videos. According to Zoopla, sales listings saw a 14% increase in search clicks when they have a floorplan. 

listing description

Don’t just try and sell the property, sell the lifestyle 

Instead of describing the property, shift your point of view so that you place your client in the scene. Draft your listing description in a way that sells an aspirational lifestyle.

For example, instead of saying “The property features a large living room that opens onto a terrace”, you could say “host intimate dinner gatherings your guests will never forget in the magnificent living room with nightcaps taken al fresco on the adjoining terrace”. 

The more you can paint a compelling picture of the features the house offers, the better. Adopt an active voice instead of a passive voice. For example, instead of saying “this property is situated in one of the area’s most sought-after streets”, you could say “you will fall in love with this gorgeous setting in one of the area’s most sought-after streets”. 

Similarly, don’t just list one-room characteristics after another. You can rephrase “A well-proportioned room off the living room is an ideal home office” with “Elevate working from home with a spacious sanctuary off the living room”. Or, if the property offers a private outdoor space, you could describe it as “a tranquil retreat for sun-drenched mornings with a cup of coffee”. 

Don’t forget about the neighbourhood 

People don’t just buy a home, they buy into neighbourhood living. This is your opportunity to sell the lifestyle that comes with the property. Is the neighbourhood filled with independent shops or unique walking trails? 

Emphasise this in your description to sell aspirational neighbourhood living. 

Up your CTA game 

Last but not least, you need to end your property listing with a strong call to action that creates a sense of urgency. For example, you could reference how quickly similar properties have sold or the rarity of such a listing coming up.

Another approach would be to leave your potential client with the vision of the aspirational lifestyle that is within their grasp. For example, you could end your listing with “Could this be your inner city sanctuary?” or “Laid-back coastal living awaits. Arrange a viewing today.” 

Listing description

Don’t let your listing stagnate 

Property searching behaviour is ongoing. This gives you an opportunity to refresh your listing presentation if it hasn’t received the traction you’ve anticipated. If your listing hasn’t converted leads into viewers, then try swapping out the main images or changing up your header text. 

Don’t just copy your description when you publish it on social media 

When you share your listing on social media or email, don’t just repeat what’s in the property description. This is your chance to add some flavour to the description. 

When you reshare listings on social media, why not try describing your favourite features, or your first impressions upon seeing the property? For example, you could describe characteristics such as “the spacious kitchen reminds me of family gatherings from my childhood”. You could also list your favourite features, or describe how you would imagine mornings waking up in the property. 

Your social media presence should be a reflection of your personal brand. Make sure your tone of voice and personality is consistent so that you’re able to build credibility and trust amongst your following. 

So you’ve followed the ten tips above and have created a scroll-stopping listing description. What’s next?

Manuela Burki Property Raptor
Manuela Burki
Head of EMEA at Property Raptor | Website

Manuela Burki is Head of EMEA at Property Raptor, an end-to-end CRM and lead generation platform designed for agents, by agents. It uses deep tech to facilitate and optimise the entire real estate transaction process.

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